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Should We Ensure a Safe Production of Genetically Modified Crops

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Started: 1/6/2017 Category: Economics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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We should ensure the safety of GMO foods because of the following reasons; insect resistance, larger production, and nutritious foods.

Some GMO foods have been modified to resist insects/pests, making costs for farmers go higher due to the amount of crops saved and money from insect/pest repellent. A report from university California in San Diego on toxic bacteria can be added to repel insects/pests (and be safe for human use). Amounts of pesticides used are reduced so exposure to dangerous pesticides are also reduced.

It is also easy to raise GM crops--since their samples have a stronger resistance ability toward pests.

According to Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations some GM foods became more nutritious containing vitamins or mineral content. Not only helping humans with getting nutrients but role-play in fighting malnutrition world wide. The United Nations recommends enhancing the rice with Vitamin A to help reduce deficiency's of such nutrients world wide.
Hence, why I believe you stand in affirmation with me.


We cannot trust GM foods. And we defiantly do not need to ensure a safe production of genetically modified crops because who eats vegetables and fruits for fun, and enjoys it. Why can we not stick with normal food. The crops we eat today are created by nature, perfectly balanced to sustain our lives and not upset us but to nurture and nourish our bodies. By ensuring safe production we are enhancing more genetically modified crops, crops that are out of balance from nature, we dont understand nature, the universe or anything truly, so why, please tell me why should we recreate it in a way thats artificial.

Ladies and gentleman, voters and commentators I ask you to look up in the sky and try to understand this universe, can something as small as your minds understand the complexity of whats above, let alone whats around, infinity, creation, imagination, all of what we do not understand, so why should we embrace these genetically modified crops that are apart of something we do not understand.

I say lets forget about GMO foods in total, dont modify what we dont understand because sooner or later innocent lives will fall because of 3 capitalised letters, G M O

Thank You
Debate Round No. 1


All products we consume have been warded off with all the harmful insects and bacteria that could be bad for our immune system. (Also, many people enjoy eating fruits/vegetable but that will be another debate topic). All crops have been somewhat modified either naturally or man-made. However, even a natural process can be bad for us. Of course enhancing more genetically modified crops do have their side effects. Natural crops can too if we don't modify them to make them more edible and better for our body.

One cannot look into the sky and "understand" the universe, because the whole thing is quite a complicated process. We create these crops so people can enjoy them more without getting harmful bacteria or pests inside them. We do this not because we please, but we want the world to be a healthier one. Even if we don't all embrace it, we can still take actions to make sure what is done is actually worth it. We may not all believe in modifying crops, but most people do it now a days and it will most likely continue, so don't just sit around and do nothing. At least take the precautions to ensure the safety of the product you are to consume. So it can at least be of a bit beneficial

As Maya Angelou once said, "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." Thus, if we cannot deny what the people will do, we must embrace it and change it to becomes its utmost best. We don't have to love it exactly but do something in order to make it better for you, me, and everyone else. I hope you all stand in affirmation with me.


To sum up my case I conclude with a short phrase, Don't worry about GMO, worry in the future, there are more important things to solve in this world, the affirming team have shown us no reasons as to why GMO is more important than health, education, and the countless other problems in this world, so forget GMO and instead VFM, vote for me!!!
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by S.S_NZ 1 year ago
Once again this was a bit more general, and if you were to accept this, it would be up to you in which what you would include for your part of the debate
Posted by Smooosh 1 year ago
Ya, I was confused by that too. That's a pretty tough subject to take on, don't let anyone lay down any of that pseudo science crap on you. Good luck!
Posted by McDavid 1 year ago
"Some GMO foods have been modified to resist insects/pests, making costs for farmers go higher due to the amount of crops saved and money from insect/pest repellent."

Did you mean to say that costs for the farmers decrease?
Posted by S.S_NZ 1 year ago
I am sorry for the confusion, but yes I was meaning 'B' Ensuring that GMO foods are safe to consume
Posted by SimplyJoshmala 1 year ago
I'm not quite sure what you mean by "ensuring the safety" of GMO foods.

Do you mean:

A) Ensuring that GMO foods are not banned from the market?


B) Ensuring that GMO foods are safe to consume?
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