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Should We Have School Uniforms?

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Started: 2/7/2013 Category: Education
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Today, a common debate amongst our education system is whether or not public schools should require students to wear a uniform selected by the school leaders. I believe, as the CON debater, this idea has some logic behind it, but not enough for it to be a major positive influence to our students for the following reasons:

1. Students should have the right to express their uniqueness through their clothing choice.
2. School uniforms cost more than "street" clothes and may not be as comfortable as them.

As the PRO debater, you should argue that school uniforms are profitable for two main reasons.


We should have school uniforms because it helps decrease school violence and they are not as expensive as people think.
Debate Round No. 1


brandonhall.7370013 forfeited this round.


I am using my argument from mcsoccer debate and refutations.

Okay, I believe (personally and because I am Pro) that kids should have no decision on what the student wears to school. I believe that the school should be allowed to have a mandatory dress code a.k.a. uniforms. The reason why I belive that is 1. it helps decrease school violence, 2. because students might wear clothes that can distract students from the learning environment, and 3. because uniforms are cheaper (unless you go to a private school).

I believe that the definitions are self explanatory and do not need to be re-defined for the debate.

Contention One: Standard dress code helps decrease school violence.
There are many stories about how kids get hurt or hurt other kids based on what they wear, but one story in particular shows how violent students get when talked about concerning their clothes. On September 21, 1990, a girl stabbed a guy because he made fun of what she had on. That man died. Now, this action could have easily been prevented if they had school uniforms. How lame would it sound for you to go up and say, "Hey, that shirt is ugly." when you have on the exact same shirt? It would sound very lame and it will kill the tension in the room.
Statistics that prove the use of uniforms decrease school violence:
At Long Beach, crime rates dropped by 91%, school suspensions dropped 90%, sex offense crimes dropped 96%, vandalism went down 69%, and assault went down 85%.

Contention Two: Students might wear clothes that will distract kids at school.
I once went to Wal-Mart and saw a dude with a shirt with a girl and a guy having sex on the front. This is an inappropriate sight to see for students and teachers. Because of school uniforms, we don't have to worry about our kids, cohorts, and colleagues being blinded by inappropriate pictures on a shirt.

Contention Three: It cost less.
Most uniforms that schools ask you to buy are regular polo shirts that you can get universally. The shirts are in fact multi- purposely used (you can use them for any occasion). One polo shirt I can find costs $5-$10 at Wal-Mart. The most expensive polo shirt at a private school I went to cost $26-$30. Not only that, there are many programs that the school district offers (at least in Houston, TX) that provides free uniforms to everyone. That means you don't have to pay a dime. So compare $0 to $26 to a US Polo Shirt that at youth sizes alone cost $55 and adult size $125. Now gym t-shirts are usually $5, so unless that is a lot of money, you can pay that in a breeze. In fact, it is sad to say but uniforms are in fact cheaper than name brands that my opponent referred to.

Uniforms take away the ability to express who they are.
So let's assume a girl was a prostitute.
This is my opponent's logic.

We should be allowed to express who we are through the clothes we wear.
A girl is a prostitute.
Therefore, she should be allowed to wear a shirt with the picture of two people having sex on the street because that is what she does for a living.

This is a big no-no.

I refuted his other argument in the third contention. Back to you .
Debate Round No. 2


brandonhall.7370013 forfeited this round.


Con has committed bad conduct by plagiarizing a comment from the comments posted in the debate comment section below. However, I will refute this.

Without math we would have nothing.
You can still read without math.

Math is probley one of the most important things that has ever been invented
Math wasn't invented.

My arguments were dropped.

Vote Pro. Con has not met the burden of proof.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by The_Master_Riddler 5 years ago
Holy Crap!I just posted an argument in the wrong debate. Void that last argument. It was for a different debate.
Posted by The_Master_Riddler 5 years ago
On the other hand, those aren't very strong arguments anyways, so I am confused...
Posted by Avamys 5 years ago
I do not see any strong arguments that could have been presented. Pro should have mentioned something about security (guards can see which students belong to that school and can enter, easier to find lost people on a school outing/picnic). Con should have said something about wearing their own clothes makes students uncomfortable and therefore unable to concentrate on learning, or that wearing a school uniform means you are representing the school and that means you have to be on your best behaviour and cannot relax while wearing the uniform.
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