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Should Women Have Rights {ATTEMPT 3}

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Started: 12/5/2016 Category: People
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I am in fact serious about this.

Now, when I say human rights don't/shouldn't exist, I'm saying that everyone should be given what they deserve.

And keep in mind, when I say 'rights', I mean the sort of thing, like, the right to work, the right to travel. Those sort of things aren't rights. Rights are things that are unnaturally imposed on others for "humanitarian" purposes, which has no basis on reality.

This isn't a matter of freedom, either. It's a matter of what's good for this country. We nearly lost the election over those dumb voting chicks who "Went With Hillary". We can't afford to let America rot from the inside out just because the majority of dumb, liberal women vote for the next 'Woman For President'.

Because it's not about who runs, or what their experience is, or how they'll improve America.

It's about the image. The idea. The spectacle. It's all a lie, a fabrication.

In Austria, a far-right nationalist candidate lost over a far left feminist candidate. This wasn't a democratic election, as they had to purposely bring in foreign voters just to prevent him from winning. It wasn't moral or just, and this is just proof of that.
Women should not be able to vote. They shouldn't have ever gained that ability, but we became soft as a people and allowed this to happen. Now, they're tearing up the democratic system, always, ALWAYS voting left. ALWAYS voting Democrat. Always.

They can't think ahead. It's inherent in their biology. It's not such a bad trait, but women are quickly trying to do things that they simply can't. They cannot grasp what's good for a country, and they can't think strategically (despite what the US Army wants you to think!).

My views are very simple, in that I feel that women should not be able to vote, should stay at home, and need to take care of their children.

Men cannot raise children on their own, and neither can a woman. But there's a delicate balance between both that needs to be nurtured, grown, for the child to be successful. They need to be told 'no'. They need discipline. They also need a father figure to look up to, and in turn, a mother figure. They need proper idols that don't obsess over sex, or openly do degenerate actions or things that turn them into unhealthy adults without inhibition and self control.

That's what this generation is lacking. A good moral compass and self control. And every day that we don't enforce these things that I've pointed out, will only lead to further woodrot within the system. As long as we forget where our roots lay, and where we need to go as a society and as a people, we'll always be lost, easy to tamper with and to warp to others' needs.

Women are at the heart of the next generation. They bear the seed and give birth to their children. It's in everyone's best interests that they do not forget about their sole duty to mankind, to reproduce. We cannot allow ourselves to go extinct over gambling and silly notions of 'Women's Rights' and 'Feminism'. Egalitarianism is for the weak and stupid.

Further more, I'd like to note that while feminism is taking it's last breaths in America, the cancer it is, is alive and well in Europe, pushing nationalism to the far back of the spectrum.

I'd like to emphasize this, again. Egalitarianism is a Marxist idea that leads to cultural dissonance and chaos. It was made by the Marxist to poison the youth' minds. Feminism is just Egalitarianism with a hint of female superiority complex.

By saying all this, I do not mean to say that I "hate women", or that I disrespect them in any way. They have their harmless charms, but in the end should stick to that, and only that.

No personal attacks. Keep it civil.
Make each reply short and concise, for easy reading.
Try to look at things from the other person's viewpoint. Sometimes, people can be right, even if you personally disagree with them.

Let the games begin, for the third damn time in a row.
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