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Should Zoo's be legal?

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Started: 10/19/2016 Category: Entertainment
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How would you feel if you were locked up, used for entertainment?


I will be using the first round as a short argument, and I will expand my arguments in the next round. The BoP is shared, both need to make arguments.

Zoos are actually very helpful in many different ways. First of all, think about the animals, the ones which will be extinct because of humans. We need to save these animals which will soon die; and the whole species will become extinct. For example, Siberian tigers, etc, they need to be saved, they can't live in the wild, because of many different problems.

“Tigers are extremely territorial though so they will fight other animals and other tigers that invade their space. This problem has become more of an issue due to the natural environment for tigers being destroyed at an alarming rate, as a male tiger may have a territory of up to 60 to 100 square kilometers, while females up to 20 square kilometers, as this numbers change according with the habitat and subspecies. As a result they have to venture into new territories to be able to find adequate amounts of food [1].”
This is a big space. However, tigers can’t use this much. People build homes, and there territory will be destroyed. This means that they fight with other tigers, but because the spaces are getting smaller, they have to fight, and one will probably die.

The last problem is food. There is not a lot of food in Siberia or any foods that a tiger can eat, like deer or rabbits. The tigers will soon starve. Many tigers even died because of this. If they are in zoos though, they can have food easily.

These are the few of the reasons why some endangered animals cannot live in the wild. However, with zoos, they don't need to hunt, they won't starve, they can always get their food, and they can live with safety. Soon, there will be more numbers, as not much will die because in a zoo is safe. So, that means that the endangered animals can be more populated again.

I'll only be making my case this long for right now, and I will expand it in the next round. Good luck for your debate, and please vote for Pro.

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