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Should a fully online education program be considered for students k-12?

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Started: 11/29/2016 Category: Education
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There should be a full online school provided to each student k-12. If you think about it has already started for some students. Some students that are getting bullied or students that want to take a class that is not provided by there schools are already taking online school. Florida online school is the most successful with getting students and most of them are happy with the choose. I think it should be an available option to all students so they and there guardians can pick what is best for them.


There should not be a fully online education program, because being in an online program can decrease a students social skills with other children their age. There can also be an increase in obesity, since students can be sitting around more than students who go to public school, since public schools require physical education. There's also a vision problem called Myopia, which is blurred distance vision that is caused by overuse of the eyes' focusing mechanism (constant computer usage by staring at the screen is one of the main causes of Myopia).
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As said in The American Optometric Association,"Myopia affects nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population. While the exact cause of myopia is unknown, there is significant evidence that many people inherit myopia, or at least the tendency to develop myopia." The research for this disease is not finished so it is not proven that it is caused by to mush screen time. Also as I said before it is a great opportunity for students to really try out things that they would not at there public school. The students would have a chance to do project with students they would not have meet because they live hours away but also meet children around them. They can still talk to a teacher if they have questions along with they can do project with other students and talk to other children there age in there class. You could diffidently make friends this way.
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