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Should a teen under the age of 18 get a tattoo

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Started: 10/29/2014 Category: Fashion
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Should a teeneger get a tattoo under the age of 18? Teenagers are like a whole new race of humans with their rebellious nature, outspoken acts, and emotional bumps. However, the teenage years are the ones that start the real trials of responsibility.
Teenagers of all sorts go through sufferings, and each can see their suffering in different ways. Whether it be the loving aunt that died, the family that is broken up, or that first heart break. How they choose to deal with that suffering is unique as well.
Some teenagers choose to remember these times permanently and visually, with tattoos. Whether the tattoo be of a person, a verse, or a very meaningful image. Teenagers can express love through tattoos.
It is completely fine for a teenagers to get a tattoo with the right reasoning. Be mindful of meaning and be slow to judge a teen with a tattoo. You,never know what they've been through or who they've lost.


"A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers"-Plato. Everyday, we make choices that affect our lives in various and often unexpected ways; we have no ability to constrain the effects of our actions to one outcome, but we can make wise decisions that will benefit our lives. With that in mind, considering the possible outcomes of getting a tattoo, it is not a choice that we should be at liberty to make with the knowledge that is available to a person when they are under 18 years old.

The simple realization of the issue is that tattoos can have catastrophic effects on your life. From a mathematician's point of view, I see it like this: the world is like a quadratic equation or parabola- there are an infinite number of combinations that interlock and intertwine to create a unique and never identical set of answers. Tattoos follow this simple law of nature. When you get a tattoo, the meaning of it may be intended in a certain way, but is perceived in an inappropriate or unexpected way by others. Miss-understandings in relationships, like marriage, is the most common form of this effect. Therefore, the effects of tattoos can be harmful.

The effects of tattoos are increased dramatically since they are a permanent extension to your person. Now then, let us think about how long indefinitely is; it"s a vast amount of time. Getting a tattoo about something that has the ability to change is one of the many issues that could occur. For example, getting a tattoo with the name of someone important in your life, at the time, could cause some really rough riding later in life. This complication all comes down to whether you"d like to take a jump-off-the-cliff risk.

In the plain and simple, I don"t think kids should have the freedom to get a tattoo when they are in their teenage years. Becoming a teenager is not a license to ruin your life, it"s an opportunity to make your own beneficial life decisions. Before you walk into that tattoo shop and receive your own little surprise, remember that what you do now will affect everything that follows.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con presented a well-written concise reason for not allowing minors to get tatoo's. He gave a more developed introduction, elaborated on his point, and gave a fuller conclusion