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Should abortion be allowed after 20 weeks?

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Started: 4/24/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 8 months ago Status: Debating Period
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I personally don't agree with abortion after 20 weeks, I would like to hear others opinions. The first round is for acceptance, in the past I've debated people that accept but never answer. So, please, if you are going to accept the debate, follow through to the end because it gets aggravating.


Thank you for the chance to debate this important topic. I accept this challenge. I guess the schedule will be round 2, arguments, round 3, rebutals, round 4, args, final round, rebutals. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to start by saying my mother was a birth and delivery nurse so we've had many deep discussions about this topic.

An abortion at 20 weeks and up can be very costly and is a very complex surgery, and only 1.3% of women actually have an abortion at 20 weeks and up. These surgeries can be harmful to the mother. Most women actually choose to have an abortion early in the pregnancy.

Secondly, Liberals blanket abortion by giving it a "noble cause," such as if it will save the mother. However, usually if there is a medical problem with the baby that could potentially harm the mother, then doctors will induce labor then. Liberals also try to say that it's "protecting the women's privacy," which I think is crap because if you are having an abortion at 20 weeks I'm pretty sure everyone knows you're pregnant. For incest and having sex with someone else, I personally believe that an abortion shouldn't be an option at all because it was their decision. The women needs to take responsibility for her actions, which in this day in age no one seems to want to. I know lots of you are thinking I'm sexist, but it shouldn't be just the mother taking responsibility, Many mothers have abortions because the father left. Men have to take responsibility for their actions too. For rape, I'm still split between opinions because the women didn't choose to have sex with the man.

My last reason is personal. My youngest brother, Andy, was born premature at around 36 weeks. He is now a third grader and is one of the smartest kids I know. I don't think people should have abortions because the "fetus" inside the women, could grow up to be an amazing person like my brother.


Nice points there. I am going to post mine now.

2 months ago, the Supreme Court turned down a request of termination of pregnancy from a 27 week pregnant lady when she just discovered she was bearing a Down syndrome fetus. Indian law prevents abortion after Indian law prevents termination of pregnancy after 20 weeks of gestation for major fetal abnormalities however is this for the greater good?

My point: Freedom of choice

If a lady feels she is not mentally strong enough to raise a child with incurable cardiac problems she should have the decision whether or not she wants to keep the child. About 5% of children with incurable cardiac problems need multiple staged operations and most don't get to live through their 30th birthday. We should respect the ladies' choices and let them decide their date of abortion. They have their reasons.


Again, thank you for creating this important topic and good luck.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by NDECD1441 8 months ago
Also SJM, are you trying to get back at me because of the fidget spinner vs fidget cube debate?
Posted by NDECD1441 8 months ago
Well, it's not a warrant. However, you are not the person who commits the abortion. It may be because they are poor or they got raped. You don't do something without a reason. That was what I meant.
Posted by SJM 8 months ago
"They have their reasons." Lol that's your warrant?
Posted by NDECD1441 8 months ago
Awww. I didn't forfeit but you did. Oh well. Anyways, well done. I had to do half an hour research when I saw your points. I was pretty intimidated. Well done.
Posted by NDECD1441 9 months ago
Alright, Jammie. Nice point there. However please don't be biased until after the debate.
Posted by Jammie 9 months ago
Abortion shouldn't be allowed ever. Why 20 weeks?
Posted by John_C_1812 9 months ago
Abortion is a self-incriminating confession it is kind of being sublime before the judicial separation to debate an admission by confessions has limitation.

Scary Precedent.
Can a Emergency Gender Specific Amputation have a limit place upon it based on age alone?
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