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Should all Illegals be deported?

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Started: 4/1/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Illegal immigrants are bad. We should send all back. Tea Party will rise to power and defend laws. Obama is dumb. He is an illegal. We should deport Obama back to wherever he comes from.

Illegals are breaking laws.
Illegals are "illegals" not "legals"

Illegals are taking our jobs and economy. Obama is taking our economy.
Deport all illegals.

Thank You.
I Stand With Rand


My argument is in the comments.
Debate Round No. 1


Me agree not. You are stupid. We need jobs. Illegals are bad. Me no racist. Me is intellectual. Me no like Obama.
Forget all that trash. We have a serious problem, with illegal immagrants. They are flooding across, and taking jobs and in cases hurting civilians. We must stand up, defend our laws, constitution and borders. Illegal immigration is not a laughing matter. If you have seen what is happening all across the world, it may not be just our country we are losing.


chaseP246472 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by pagechr 2 years ago
Illegal immigrants and just plain old legal immigrants do the back-breaking dirty we work we don't want to do. Like straight through the middle of California is the "fruit belt" and that is where immigrants go to find work. They bend over ten hours a day picking out fruits. And they do most of the roofing in the United States, which is hard, hot work. And the dairy industry would be almost gone without them, they are vital.
Posted by hayleyharding 2 years ago
How can you say that immigrants are bad? Have you no heart? They are people too. You racist b*****d. Why are you even living? People like you are the reason America is looked down upon.
Posted by jamccartney 2 years ago
Your opening statement is trash. I mean, I stand with Rand, but you obviously know nothing about economics.
Posted by bothworldsprideshytt 2 years ago
u a racist blade . u the kind of person voting for donald trump
Posted by chaseP246472 2 years ago
"illegals are bad".... Are you a trump supporter?
Posted by chaseP246472 2 years ago
Also "illegals are breaking laws", you are a idiot you probably don't know this but legals are breaking the law to and you probably broke the law before so you can't say "illegals are braking the law " (by the way breaking the law is not right grammar) when you also have.
Posted by chaseP246472 2 years ago
Are you a idiot or a racist? So "Obama is taking our Economy and illegals are too". Are you for real?...Of course they are you are, your mom and dad are,you friends are , every one with a job is, you can't say illegals are stealing the economy because they are doing the jobs you don't want to do even if illegals are taking our economy then that's our fault and they have the right to work, i'm not saying they are guaranteed a job no im saying they have to right to do a job for there fair share. By the way racists like you are scum and idiots of our earth.
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