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Should all drugs be legalized?

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Started: 11/27/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
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I will debate that all drugs should be legalized.
In the first round we will state three of our reason why all drugs should or shouldn't be legalized.
In the second round we will argue about our first reason with statistics and all
In the third round you will argue your second reason
In the fourth round you will argue your last reason and give your final statement.


I would like to thank pro for presenting this interesting debate.

Pro has contested that all drugs should be legalized. By legalized, I'm going to assume that she means that all drugs should be made readily available with little or no restriction other than perhaps an minimum age limit, with either no tax or a non obstructive tax.

My first reason for apposing legalization of all drugs is that the unrestricted use of certain drugs is inherently harmful to the health of society. That is to say that there are some drugs that are impossible to use [without medical supervision] that can directly interfere with the health of other individuals.

My second reason for apposing the legalization of all drugs is that there are some drugs that cause an inherent harm to society through indirect means. That is to say that while such drugs do not inherently force people to cause harm to others, their use facilitates harmful actions that have severe repercussions for both the users of drugs and parties not involved in drug use. This results in an overall net negative effect on the health and happiness of society in comparison to alternative solutions to blanket legalization.

My third reason for apposing the legalization of all drugs is that legalization would cause significant drug tourism and immigration of drug addicts into the United States, forcing the United States to subsidize and exacerbate the negative consequences of drug use for the rest of the world, as well as fueling international drug trafficking in places where drug use remains illegal.

Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


My first reason why drugs should be legalized is that the government can put taxes on the drugs and gain a profit that would benefit the government. That money can also be invested in rehabilitation for drug addicts, which could reduce the amount of drug consumers.

My second reason why drugs should be legalized is that many problems would be solved. For example:
Overcrowded prisons
Drug war
Black market on drugs

Finally my third reason why drugs should legalized is that although drugs are illegal doesn't mean that they are not easy to get it. what I'm saying is that it doesn't reduce their availability. That's why the black market exists.


One of the reasons that the usage of certain drugs are restricted is to protect the health of the public. For example, a prescription for antibiotics is almost always required, as improper use results strains of bacteria that are more resistant to antibiotics. While gradual evolution of resistant bacteria and viruses is in some cases invertible, prescription antibiotic and antiviral drug misuse causes resistant strains to develop far more quickly, needlessly jeopardizing the health of others who otherwise would have been able to take advantage of these drugs effectively.

Through common sense legislation, we have been able to significantly limit the abuse and misuse of antibiotics/antivirals. Unfortunately there is still some black market pockets of sales, but increasing availability of health care and education is a far better tool than blanket legalization and unregulated consumption, as even in a situation where it may be appropriate to prescribe such a drug, a user without medical knowledge would likely still cause both themselves and others more harm than good. [1]

Unlike most other drugs, the legalization of antibiotics would pose a direct threat to the individuals other than those who take them. Even under a stringent libertarian ideology, the misuse of antibiotics would clearly be a violation of the rights of others, as they can effectively turn the user into a walking biological weapon, autonomously generating new strains of bacteria and viruses which are resistant to contemporary medicine. These are two clear examples of classes of drugs which should not be legalized [antivirals and antibiotics]. Therefore, not all drugs should be legalized.

Debate Round No. 2


one of the reason why I believe that drugs should be legalized is that the government can gain some kind of profit as the ones they gain from cigarettes and alcohol. People believe that by legalizing drug there may be more addicts, maybe yes, but you could invest the money you gain from the drugs taxes into rehabilitation so there will be less addicts. Also now the government is investing too much money to end the war against drug trafficking, that money could go to more important causes, like to help poor people, or to make more jobs, stuff like that. legalizing drugs will benefit our country in a bigger way that prohibiting them does.

My second reason why drugs should be legalized is that many problems such as overcrowded prisons, drug war, black market,etc; would be solved. Let's start with overcrowded prisons, a lot of the people in prisons are there because of drug possession, how does possessing drugs make someone a dangerous person, maybe they are addicts, but the solution is not to send them to prison, the solution could beto send them to rehabilitation. As soon as those addicts leave prison they will go strait back to consuming drugs, at least most of them. If you send them to rehabilitation they may change their mind and stop consuming drugs,maybe not all of them, but the probabilities of an addict coming back from prison and going back to consuming is higher than an addict coming back from rehabilitation.

One of the other problems t would solve is black market. Now a days if someone want drugs they just go to the black market and get some. Now if drugs were legalized that black market would end and people won't be in danger just for satifying an addiction.

Another problem that would be solved would be the Drug war. The government is investing and wasting too much money in ending the war against drug trafficking when they just could legalize drugs and PUFF, illegal drug trafficking will end. BYE BYE DRUG WAR.

There are many problems caused by the prohibition of drugs and I just mentioned a few of them. I don't understand why the government just doesn't legalize drugs and end some of this problems, it may take time, but at least is better than this problems increasing and doing more harm to our society.


My second reason for not legalizing all drugs is that there are some drugs of which are unacceptable harmful to both users and bystanders. For example, there some Benzodiazepines that have such a long half life that high doses can result in blackouts lasting almost a full day, which is incredibly hazardous to both the users and those around him. Other drugs can be similarly dangerous, such as cocaine and methamphetamine, of which binge use and addiction can result in acute psychosis and uncontrollable actions, similar to the problem we currently have with alcoholics, although in many cases worse. Legalization would necessarily increase availability of such drugs, which would likely lead to both an increase in users an an increase in use per capita. While I can fully agree with focusing more on treatment rather than punishment, there is no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater. By keeping drugs illegal while focusing more on treatment, we can both help people with their drug problems while reducing likelihood of relapse by increasing the cost and availability of drugs, resulting in a net gain in public health compared to legalization while also reducing chance of addiction and exposure to drugs by non users. Any taxes gained by legalization would be far outmatched by the cost in terms of public health and health-care costs as a result of increased drug use of such drugs as crystal meth and polydrug use.
Debate Round No. 3


Drugs being illegal doesn't mean they are not available and that people won't use it. If someone wants drugs they just ask the right people and find someone who sells them and buy them. Kids are sometimes offered drugs without them looking for drugs. When they buy in the streets they can buy all they want, and also the drug dealer may have mixed the drugs with some other substance without the buyer knowing. When (if they ever do) they legalize drugs, the government will be able to control the amount of drugs people buy and also what the drugs contain. Back to my original argument it's not that hard to find drug dealers from whom to buy from.

In a Youth Risk Behavior survey students from 9-12 grade, were asked if they had ever been offered, sold or given drugs on school property on the 12 months before the survey was being made. On 2003 29 percent of those students reported that they had been offered, sold and/or given drugs in school property. That means that drugs are everywhere and I believe that if drugs are legalized that the availability to drugs would be limited and it would be easier for the government to prevent students getting involved with dangerous people like drug dealers.

So my final statement is that drugs should be legalized because it would solve a lot of issues like the ones I mentioned before. Drugs also should be legalized because the government could gain profit that could be invested in solving drug abuse and addiction. My final reason why drugs should be legalized is that just because drugs are illegal doesn't mean people don't have access to them and won't consume them. I am totally in favor for the legalization of drugs and not because I consume them nor like people consuming them either.
I wish good luck to my opponent.


Full legalization of drugs would result in a migration of drug users into the United States, further overburdening our healthcare system and likely increasing crime violence, as well as fueling a massive drug trafficking export movement likely resulting in modern border-violence deputes. Drug tourism tends to draw upon the worst subgroups of drug users; those who are so obsessed with drugs that they are willing to travel internationally for the sake of obtaining drugs. Such user subgroups are well documented in countries that have liberalized marijuana laws, despite the fact that marijuana s typically not associated with violence among users, which seems to suggest that this effect will be even more profound with more addictive, stronger drugs such as Cocaine, Heroin, and Methamphetamine. By creating what effectively amount to a safe haven for drug production, we would destroy and overtly harm the international community by creating a supply of cheap and being mass produced to flood the international black market. With the rest of the world prohibiting these drugs, these inflated profits would flow right into the hands of narco-terrorists and other organized crime.

Lastly, just because some drug laws such as those dealing with marijuana and perhaps some psychedelics may be overly harsh or even wrong does not mean that the baby must be thrown out with the bathwater. Just because children and students are to easily obtain extremely popular and somewhat safe drugs such as Marijuana does not mean that Heroin or crystal meth are as available as alcohol. Again, even assuming that incarceration is not the best defense against drug use, it does not follow that legalization is the only other option. Mandatory treatment, civil fines, or even decriminalization are all policies that do not harm drug users but can still combat the source and supply of these drugs. Even if some drugs should theoretically be legalized, there are plenty of other drugs that clearly should not, including antivirals, Heroin, Methamphetamine, Cocaine/crack, and antibiotics. The marketing of these drugs in a modern society is akin to allowing automobile companies sell cars without seat belts or airbags. Even in a completely libertarian society, there is simply no room for antiviral and antibiotic abuse and misuse due to the direct harm caused to society. In short, the only ideology reconcilable with "the complete legalization of drugs" is that of complete anarchy.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TombLikeBomb 7 years ago
My bad.
Posted by Sam_Lowry 7 years ago
By your definition, Morphine, Cocaine, and Crystal Meth are already legal.
Posted by TombLikeBomb 7 years ago
No, because antibiotics aren't illegal; they're restricted. That you need a prescription no more makes them illegal than that you need money does. It's especially odd that you count a prescription requirement but not an age requirement as illegality.
Posted by Sam_Lowry 7 years ago
This would have been harder if pro had specified psychoactive drugs, or something along those lines. Antibiotics basically destroy any "full" legalization argument.
Posted by nephilim 7 years ago
Define the word Drug. Thoughtfully enough it's origin is conveyed as a moralist judge. The Drug must be a slang remark on the what a judge looks like with a Wig on. Todays concept and understanding of this word is a term for any given form of medicine. To you whom have not seen the highly profane cinema "A clockwork orange," I suggest you don't; it scared the living daylights out of me. Drug may as well be a reference to a snake used as a symbol in medicine. An evil creature spoken of in the Bible. A Drug may perhaps also be a Mite which lives underground given to boys who behave wickedly or steal precious gifts from pious believers.
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