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Should atheists be judged upon due on their beliefs?

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Started: 4/4/2016 Category: Religion
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Hello, this is my first debate. The first round is accepting the challenge on the topic "Should atheists be judged upon due to their beliefs?" This may be controversial, so please make this a peaceful debate. Thank you.


Hello Spassky101! Thank you for the debate. Good luck and have fun!

I think the first and most pertinent question I could ask is, "Is judgement for belief avoidable" and "is it wrong?"
But before we get to that, what is judgement exactly? It has two definitions in Merriam-Webster for judge: "to form an opinion about (something or someone) after careful thought" and, "to regard (someone) as either good or bad" These two definitions have some pretty heavy and different implications. While they both have some character judgement, the latter is a value judgement on the person while the former isn't.

Knowing that someone is a particular political or religious affiliation means that you can probably get a good idea about certain core values they have. We don't have this luxury with atheism because all atheism means is lack of God(s) belief. They could be spiritual, religious, superstitious and almost any political affiliation.
But there is one thing we can conclude, and that's atheists do not believe gods are necessary to answer the question of life. And there are some beliefs and values that could be judged, just like its opposite. Judgement doesn't have to mean telling the atheist they're hell bound or that they are bad people. It could just be 'you don't value the same things in life I do, and I have opinions about what you do or don't value.' And I think that's just fine. More than, I think it's unavoidable. And I don't know a single atheist that doesn't have similar judgement of theists. A significant difference of opinion about their values or about how they conduct themselves in their faith.
Do you think that's fair?
Debate Round No. 1


I first want to congratulate you for that powerful argument. Well done. But I first want to remind you that atheists have to come up with core values than be spoonfed ideas and morals. If you are an atheist, you have to be the one who comes up moral ideas. Furthermore, because moral and ethics are relative, it is hard to judge what is good and what isn't. Judgement is also an evolutionary instinct that keeps you from being killed by other tribes. However, in modern times,all judgment does is breed unnecessary hate and brings in the concept of minorities. Other religions can be a target of judgment. During the Holocaust, Jews were judged and put in concentration camps. Now let me propose an idea. Should holocausts and genocide happen in modern days, especially over relative moral concepts? Judgment can be stopped, we've seen this in all the civil rights movements.


Thank you very much! You as well. :)

You are right that you need to ascertain what it is someone actually believes before you judge that belief. Because atheism includes a wide variety of different beliefs, one shouldn't assume that because an atheist is an atheist, that means the atheist will have all of the same values as the next.

What I meant with my last argument wasn't assuming a value outside the scope of what atheism describes: lack of belief in the existence of god(s) or the necessity of god(s) to life. That is something people can agree with or disagree with and have judgements about.
I'm not talking about the sort of judgement that comes with hate, as judging someone's belief doesn't necessarily mean hating them or even their opinion. There are positive judgements too.
Like I said before, I think some degree of judgement over belief is both normal and unavoidable, because we all have opinions on what is truest or best or less true or worse. The important thing isn't to not judge people, it's to treat each other civilly regardless of our judgements unless they're tangibly harming someone.
Debate Round No. 2


You made some good points.
But you say that it doesn't matter if someone is judged, as long as they behave in a civil way.
Judgment does matter because judgment hasn't helped us recently. To be pro judgment would be like pro ISIS. Judgment leads to fear then to anger, then to hate, then eventually to violence. Religion can cause genocides. Just because you aren't religious doesn't mean that you aren't affected. In fact you may be affected more. All my life people judged me. Do you think this judgment is fair? Do you think that judgment doesn't lead to hate and violence, when most of the time it does? Do you think that there should be a genocide or war between religious zealots and atheists? Ask yourself, knowing that judgment leads to violence, that the world needs more meaningless violence, for entire societies to be torn apart. When you say good judgment and mention atheists and religious groups, I laugh, knowing that judgment has not and will not help us sophisticated humans in this modern world. Judgment should not be applied to religions, it will do us no good.


Just want to thank you again for opening this debate. :)

In closing I just want to reiterate that judgement isn't the same as hate or violence, and hatred and violence should be addressed as seperate from judgement. Remember that there are positive judgements and negative judgements, but neither of them necessarily lead to hatred and violence. I myself am not religious and I both am judged by believers and judge believers. That they believe my way of life is not the best is a judgement, and that I believe their way of life is a judgement. But my feelings on their mindset or their worship doesn't mean I can't have friendly or at least cordial relationships with religious people.

We all judge others, and that's ok. It's how we act towards others that really matter, but that doesn't mean we can't have judgements.

Thank you. :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by The-Holy-Macrel 2 years ago
Play who said it:

1). i am aware of light, and conscious of whats in sight, so by millions of definitions of what i see in sight, to contrast with 1 definition its just light

2). I am a master lyricist, so don't even try. If you battle me, i will make you cry.

3). Music: I enjoy a wide variety of music depending on my mood or activities. While lifting weights I prefer gangster rap or death metal. While studying/relaxing I enjoy classical compositions. My 3 favorite Pandora channels are Lamb of God, Project Pat, and Johann Sebastian Bach.
Posted by Spassky101 2 years ago
Random noob to answer your less biased comment, i mean i am judged all the time and it is by everyone.

And to vice, would you like to be my opponent, due to your views caused by fear for that you do not understand?
Posted by Overhead 2 years ago
Gotta agree with random_noob, the intention of this is unclear.

Do you mean should they be judged by a deity (if so, which?) for their lack of belief? Or should they be judged by theists (If so, which) for their lack of belief? Or is it a questions of whether their beliefs should be examined and need to be justified?
Posted by ViceRegent 2 years ago
Yes, never let them babysit your kid or handle your money.
Posted by random_noob 2 years ago
Can you explain? What does this mean? Judged by whom? For what?
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