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Should bartenders be held responsible for the behavior of their patrons?

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Started: 10/13/2016 Category: Society
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Adults are responsible for their own actions. Bars cannot be expected to know every customer"s limit pertaining to alcohol and take the blame for drunken misdoings.

A year ago, a drunk driver killed a 15-year-old girl walking home from the drugstore. Now, her parents are suing two Lafayette bars for negligence in serving the man who murdered their daughter.

The family has already been awarded an insufficient $7,000 in restitution from the driver, but the civil lawsuit states that they are seeking more compensation from the bars to supplement funeral expenses and emotional distress.

Criminal court may charge and punish the driver, but civil court exists to compensate the family for the event and set precedents for future incidences. It also attempts to hold anyone and everyone responsible for the irresponsibility of that one driver.

This is not a new approach to lawsuits in OWI resulting in death instances. A Georgia family is taking a bar to court over a server who drove intoxicated and killed their son in a car crash. That suit states that the bar is liable for damages equal to the full value of the youth"s life. Because the suit estimates that he might have lived another 50 years, his parents are asking for $1 million plus legal, medical and burial expenses.

Under Indiana law, bars are not allowed to serve visibly intoxicated people. If they do serve such a person, the bars are responsible for the conduct of said intoxicated person.

It"s a given that restaurants and bars should not serve patrons who are blatantly under the influence. If not for the reason of putting a person in danger, a visibly drunk person is annoying and troublesome. But it"s also unfair to put local businesses through excessive lawsuits when the blame for any drunken driving accident should be on the one who was driving. All drivers need insurance; all servers need a liquor license to legally and responsibly serve in Indiana. Do bartenders need to consider getting extra liability insurance to compensate for someone they"ve served? It"s hard to prove that negligence in court, but that"s not a risk anyone should be willing to take.
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