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Should birth control be available to girls and women of all ages?

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Started: 10/1/2013 Category: Society
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Hello! I am looking for a friendly debate so I can see both sides of the issue.

I firmly believe that birth control pills, condoms, spermicide, and all other kinds of contraceptions should be available to all age groups, but for the puropse of this much-debated argument, I am sticking with birth control pills. My main reasoning:

    • A sizable number of teenagers are having sex, which ideally should be done responsibly.
    • Being a teenage parent with an unwanted child can have negative effects.
    • Everyone has the right to have sex as well as the right to choose whether to be a parent.

What are your counter-reasons? I'd like to see.


Hi, I have decided to accept your challenge.

First of all, the issue of sex:

Sex is something that should only take place in marriage.

Here are some reasons why:

1) If people have sex only in marriage then STD's will not spread and there will be no fear of the children inheriting them and lives will not be at stake (i.e. a mother that already has children catching it from a sex partner and her life is at risk). I'm sure you know how serious STD's are and no one should get them. Unlike how nowadays majority of people are just having sex like animals with whoever and catching God-knows-what etc. Sorry, I don't mean to hurt anyone but I'm afraid it is true.

2)There is commitment. The father has the responsibility to stay and look after the mother and child and protect them and not to forget provide for them. If one has a child in wedlock then it is binding upon the father not to disappear as soon as he finds out the mother is pregnant as commonly takes place nowadays. Many children grow up without a father figure in their lives and this affects them mentally and influences their behaviour as they have no "man of the house" to tell them off when they begin to mature and don't have proper guidance in life. Also it is difficult for the mother to cope on her own and she must work and this distances the relationship between mother and child.

3) Sex outside of marriage leads to promiscuity. Promiscuity and sexual freedom outside marriage is harmful to society as it spreads STD's and can lead to unwanted children and abortions of which all are bad. Also many people, especially young adults, suffer emotional upheavals when relationships break down.

4) Let us not forget that sex, although is very desirable and enjoyable is not only for the purpose of pleasure. Sex has another purpose behind it, this is to recreate. Sex is how we reproduce, that is the main aim. Many people have been given this ability to have children so they shouldn't take it lightly as many people have difficulties having children. If one is given an ability, a gift, a blessing shouldn't they be thankful and use it? Sex is like killing two birds with one stone, pleasure and children. But unfortunately today people are only interested in the pleasure part and forget the main purpose and the ability they have been given. They don't treat children's life right nor their right to live as we can see with the unpleasant and unnecessary abortions taking place today. Bottom line Sex = Pleasure + Babies.

They are the main reasons why sex should be limited to marriage.

So the topic about teenagers having sex. I am a teenager and of course like any other teenager I have that urge, but we have to learn how to control that urge and save it until marriage. Unlike many teenagers today having sex for the fun of it and getting STD's and emotional problems and this of course is affecting their studies, no to mention the teenage pregnancies that are on the rise or should I say "single-parent teenage pregnancies" which end up in abortion or children with no father figures. No teenager that has sex for fun before marriage is responsible. The number of teenage pre-marital sex and single mothers are rising. Even children as young as 10 are doing it. The upbringing into today's society doesn't help this nor do the mottoes and beliefs of nowadays such as: YOLO, have fun, party all night, get drunk, get girls, there is no good or bad, smoke this, watch that, act like this, do that, there is no God so no one to answer to etc. The girls are becoming, sorry to say, whores and sluts, they dress skimpy, all they want is sex, " just wanna have fun" etc. But when they find out they are pregnant then it's not so fun is it? When they catch STD's it's not fun then is it? Other problems occur from the way the girls dress such as rape. The children of this generation are very sexual and become sexually active very quickly. Main thing is pre-marital teenage sex is not responsible and shouldn't be allowed in my view.

Again about teenage parents and unwanted children. First let me say, there are no more morals, ethics and values in society, girls dress how they want, its cool to disrespect your elders, have as much sex as you can, you get the idea of today's corrupt society. Just listen to today's music and you will notice a common theme. Sex only in marriage and there wouldn't be any unwanted children, simple.

As I said before sex is for reproduction, if you don't have sex for the aim of reproduction then you are not fulfilling the purpose. Of course everyone has the right to have sex but at the right place and right time and know serious a matter it is and be ready for responsibilities. Have you ever watched the Jeremy Kyle show? or 16 and pregnant?

All these issues could be solved so easily but today's society is just so corrupt that no one will pay attention to these things, mainly because they don't care at the time but then later they learn.

Birth control as I said is defying the purpose of sex and birth control pills are harmful. It has been established scientifically that the us of birth control has dire consequences on the mother's health. The female reproductive system controls a group of reproductive hormones secreted from the frontal lobe of the pituitary gland and the ovaries. In the normal state, these hormones are produced in measured degrees. Any increase or decrease in this could lead to illness. Hence, medical scientists admit that all contraceptives adversely affect their users. This is the result of many researchers carried out in this regard. Some of the dire consequences of using contraceptives (birth control pills) are as follows:

1. Imbalance of body hormones
2. Gaining weight and fluid retention in the body.
3. Severe inflammation in the female's reproductive system.
4. Increase in vulnerability to fatal heart attacks for those who are over 30, more so for those who are over 40.

News agencies once reported the case of a British women who died as a result of using contraceptive tablets known as Valdan for eight years before changing to another known as Mithoclore on medical advice. After a few weeks of the change, she fell ill and became bed-ridden. Later, her health deteriorated and she died. Lately, it was established that the use of contraceptives, especially tablets, can lead to some cases of cancer. Here is a website if you want to check it out for yourself

I conclude by saying that sex outside marriage is immoral and causes too many problems that we would be better without and that birth control is pushing away the gift of being able to have children that are a source of love and comfort and blessings. Birth control pills are harmful and can cause cancer. Teenagers need to sort their acts out and get out of this worldly delusion that they are shown through media and sex is for pleasure but reproduction also.

(Please share this to people who don't know.)

I will be awaiting your response.
Debate Round No. 1


1) The fact, however, is that it does not take place within marriage. Only 3 percent of Americans wait until marriage to have sex. They should be safe when they do it so it does not result in STD's or unwanted pregnancy.

2) STD's can be prevented with condoms and other mechanisms. It's as simple as that, and the rates of catching an STD drop significantly when using such a mechanism. Plus, even if one waits until marriage, he can still transmit an STD! Plus, STD's are not bad because they're some punishment for having sex. They're bad because they are infections, like strep throat or whooping cough, but they can be treated with medicine. To suggest one not have sex out of fear of catching STD's with no mention of STD prevention is like saying not to ride a bike out of fear of injuries, but avoiding all mentions of helmets and safety.

3) That's why I'm supporting birth control, so there aren't unwanted children outside of marriage in dysfunctional families.

4) That's why I'm supporting birth control, condoms, and other mechanisms of safe sex--so unwanted pregnancies and STD's are reduced while still allowing people to engage in pleasurable, ethical, and consensual sex. Yes, people have emotional upheavals when relationships deteriorate, but that it not caused by sex. It is caused by a relationship with a loved one being torn apart. If you insist that it is because of sex, where is the proof in that statement?

5) People do have sex to create children, but not always. There's nothing wrong with that. Some folks can't have children but want some, and some folks can have children but don't want some. The latter group shouldn't have to sacrifice the ability to have pleasurable, ethical, consensual sex because of some people who can't. One has nothing to do with the other. This isn't an abortion debate. I don't condone killing infants, so why not just not have them conceived in the first place? Then there is no killing involved--life begins at conception, and the conception never occurred.

6) -Where is the proof that sex is negatively impacting people's studies? I doubt that.

-That is why I support condoms and other mechanisms to prevent STD's. Of course it's "not too fun"--it's also "not too fun" when you catch the strep throat virus from the drinking fountain. You can prevent both by using a condom and keeping your mouth a safe distance, respectively. That doesn't mean you have to stop having sex or using the drinking fountain, just be safe about it. And when mistakes happen, you can get medicine to treat it, and you're all better!


The teen pregnancy rates have been decreasing drastically over these years.

Why do people believe otherwise? Because society loves to shame young people for their sexuality. It's shown in abstinence-only sex ed, on Jeremy Kyle and 16 and Pregnant, and victim-blaming attitudes of rape. Young people who make ethical, pleasurable sexual choices get shamed, particularly girls (why girls?). Nothing is immoral about it if one is modest, responsible, and ethical about it, but nope! Sex altogether is off the table. And this attitude is harming young people who want to make good choices about sex: They want to know how to prevent STD's and pregnancy, but they just get told that they're immoral if they want to do it, even if it's responsible, healthy, and ethical. THAT is why STD's and pregnancy occurs--nobody tells them how to stop such things.

-The "have as much sex as you can" mentality is a bad message. There's nothing wrong with having lots of sex, and there's nothing wrong with not having sex at all. Sex does not define your identity or worth.

7) Birth control pills can have serious side effects? So do plenty of pills on the market, depending on the person using it. Should they all be banned straight away? Gynecologists recommend specific pills for specific women depending on their systems and hormone levels, and using the wrong kind can create serious medical consequences. Then again, so can any pill if it is not recommended for you. I believe birth control pills should have a prescription, but that girls and women of any age can use it.


Your sex-negative views don't determine whether girls and women should actually have birth control pills regardless of age.


As I said, I do not support pre-marital sex and I think it should not take place, I have provided the reasons why, just because many people are doing something wrong does not make it right. Sex should only take place in marriage, a stable and comitted relationship. If people had sex only in marriage then all these issues would not come about in the first place as I mentioned before.

I agree STD's are punishments for promiscuity and fornication, but if no one had sex out of marriage no one would catch STD's and therefore no one would spread them, it is very simple. Although I know no one will do this, it wouldn't happen if people didn't have sex like animals, without control and with no responsibility. If one has no sex outside marriage how can he get STD's if he marries likewise a virgin? HIV/Aids does not have a cure and ends with death. The thing is many people, especially teenagers who you mentioned specifically, don't care about this stuff. They just want to have sex without thinking of the consequences, as I said they just want to have fun and treat sex as something little, they see it as a bit of fun and pleasure. They don't see how important and serious sex is, I'm not saying they shouldn't have sex at all, actually I support sex, but only when it is in wedlock as otherwise it causes problems, in marriage there is nothing to worry about when having sex. Since if you and your wife are virgins then you don't have to be scared of STD's and if she becomes pregnant then it is a happy thing and happiness is brought instead of stress. Sex should only be done in marriage, fornication should not be done.

As I said, there wouldn't be unwanted children if you don't have sex out of marriage, it's all so simple. There are no issues or problems when sex is done in marriage.

Ethical? Seriously? Sex outside of marriage is ethical? Birth control is abusing the ability one has been given to have children, many people don't have children so we should appreciate that we can have children and not misuse this ability. Sex should only be allowed in marriage. Pre-marital relationships shouldn't take place either.

Reproduction is the PURPOSE of sex. We should fulfill this purpose and also enjoy it and have a pleasurable experience through it too, but we should not have sex without forgetting the main purpose and reject the gift we have been given. Doesn't that child have a right to live?

Sex is all some people students think about doing and is there aim as it is described as something everyone should do ASAP and is cool. They dress to attract, and try to get partners in order to have sex with them. High school students are trying to do this and give little attention to their studies and just want to have sex and party etc. They give sex and relationships more important than anything else. STD's are killers, they are not little ilnesses. There must be a reason why there are big HIV/Aid charities and research groups. These are killers not just something that can be removed of one's nose like a fly.

Why can't they just wait to get married? Why the impatience? All these issues and problems can be avoided if sex is left to marriage, its so simple. I shall tell you why girls are targeted, because they have become slaves to males and society. They dress to attract them and dress how they are told by the media and society. They have children whose fathers leave them as soon as they find out. They have 5 children who each have different fathers and none are in sight. They have become slaves to society and man, they are oppressed to wear them slutty clothes and have no attempt to resist it, they actually enjoy it and they wear makeup and apply perfume, why I might ask? I believe it is obvious. Sex out of marriage is not ethical its immoral and not responsible. Everyone knows about STD's, what are you talking about? All high schools teach STD's and if the students don't learn this or pay attention to it then it is their fault as they are probably thinking about having sex and trying to impress such and such a person and how they want to have such and such a sex partner etc.

Too much of something is never good even if the thing itself is good, i.e eating too much fruit, drinking too much water, to much sex is proof that the person is not controlling himself and is releasing his base desires like an animal and that person is not strong, they are weak and someone who has too much sex is called a whore or slut. Just as no sex is bad and has negative effects on a person such as what has happened in the Christian Church due to celibacy which is something God did not prescribe for them as a person needs sex. Sex should not be neglected nor taken to extreme.

Women have died from using them pills check out that website. Also this one:

This artificial stuff is no good for the human body.

Contraception should only be used in certain cases such as the female is sick and/or unable to bear a pregnancy every year or being physically weak, or having other reasons why getting pregnant every year would be harmful for her. I agree with some methods of contraception that should only be used in them circumstances but should only be used for short term when possible and not long term. Long term contraception such as sterilisation or vasectomy is completely rejecting the ability to have children which is in itself a miracle and blessing. Short term contraception with good reasons should be allowed but not for every time someone has sex. It is natural for a woman to release eggs and these pills mess with this and also cause clots in the body.

Again I am not sex-negative I just don't believe unmarried people should be having sex. Sex in marriage doesn't have all these issues and problems and none of these problems would exist if people had sex in marriage alone.

Girls and women, well I regard a female that is able to have children a woman, should not have birth control pills unless their life is at threat or they are unable to look after more children. Also they should be careful not to use it too much as it can lead to serious illnesses and even death. The women should not be having sex outside of marriage anyway and this would mean that there would be no unwanted children and no need for the pill unless in certain circumstances.

Also read my first argument again.
Debate Round No. 2


You keep repeating that sex outside of marriage isn't right but provide no substantial proof. As for the STD and pregnancy arguments (which seem to be your only arguments), both can be prevented with proper use of birth control, condoms, and other mechanisms. Instead of encouraging people to actually be responsible with sex, you just take it off the table altogether. Why is that?

Also, despite what you insist, not all high schools include information about STD's and pregnancy prevention.

As you can see, not all states require that high schools include information about STD's, contraception, condoms, negative outcomes of sex, and healthy decision-making. And not all require medically accurate information! What's the result?

States with abstinence-only sex education have higher rates of pregnancy and STD spread, as opposed to the states who teach students about condoms and contraception.

Since not all people can create children, as you mentioned, the children who are accidentally conceived can be given up for adoption to a couple who wants them. Otherwise, where would the infertile couples get the children they want? But condoms and birth control have a nearly foolproof chance of preventing pregnancy, so thankfully this will not happen very much. That is why I advocate birth control--to reduce the numbers of unwanted children. Also, what about the married couples who DON'T want kids? They can take measures to prevent that.

Speaking of people who can't have kids: Would you have a problem with an infertile person having sex within a marriage? Just something to ponder.

We're not forgetting the purpose of sex. Everyone is aware that sex creates children. You seem to be making an appeal to nature, saying that if it is the natural purpose, it must be the only one, and that it's inherently "bad" to use it for something else. Libraries were made to get access to books, but now people tend to use libraries for computers because they appreciate the quietness. Nothing wrong with that. As for "doesn't that child have the right to live," what child? The child never existed.

HIV/AIDS is a killer. Others, such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, are little illnesses and CAN be removed from the nose like a fly. To compare, bike injuries are killers--that's why we use helmets and give out safety tips rather than discouraging people from riding bikes.

All the issues and problems can be avoided if sex is done responsibly and with safety. Unfortunately, our society is somewhat lacking in this--the "have as much sex was you want, don't worry about anything" message is rampant, and needs to be stop out of safety for the participants.

The shaming of girls is out of disgust for their actions rather than concern for the girls. Instead of telling them, "Society is messed up; you're already beautiful and don't need to change your looks to impress anyone," we say, "Stop acting like whores!" Really, as you said, it is the fault of media and society. It even goes so far that they think they need to look and act like that. THAT is the serious problem needs to be addressed.

I see nothing inherently wrong with having no sex or with having lots of sex as long as no one is harmed.

Again, I see an appeal to emotion. "A miracle and a blessing." Just because some people want it doesn't mean everyone should be grateful for it. Some people can't afford to raise children, or are in a stage in their life when they absolutely cannot raise a child properly. That's like forcing you to eat a food that you hate--let's just say raw tomatoes--just because others love it.

Yes, complications can arise from birth control pills, but they can for any sort of pill, especially if it is not right for the person taking it. That is why birth control pills should require prescriptions based on examinations. Likewise, there can also be some benefits from taking birth control pills. For instance, they can:
-reduce menstrual cramps
-make periods lighter
-offer some protection against pelvic inflammatory disease, which often leads to infertility when left untreated
And in cases, they've been shown to prevent the illnesses of:
-bone thinning
-breast growths that are not cancer
-ectopic pregnancy
-endometrial and ovarian cancers
-serious infection in the ovaries, tubes, and uterus
-iron deficiency anemia
-cysts in the breasts and ovaries
-premenstrual symptoms, including headaches and depression
-bad cramps
-heavy and/or irregular periods

The risks and benefits balance each other out, and it all depends on the woman using it. It's just a medicinal drug, just like any other pill on the market.

You also provide no evidence for why sex within a marriage is better than sex with prevention of the consequences.

Also, this is irrelevant to the argument, but yes, you are sex-negative: "Some critics of sex-positivity claim that sex is seen as a destructive force except when it is redeemed by the saving grace of procreation, and sexual pleasure is seen as sinful. Sexual acts are ranked hierarchically, with procreative marital heterosexuality at the top of the hierarchy and masturbation, homosexuality and other sexualities that deviate from societal norms closer to the bottom."


You seem to be arguing from a place of disgust rather than concern.


Sex outside of marriage is immoral and unethical, that is why all religions forbid it. Where is your proof that sex out of marriage is right? Sex outside marriage is usually done without commitment and are usually one-night-stands after getting drunk, at this moment the only thing they are thinking about is sex, not the consequences of it as do all other sinners when they sin, i.e. a murderer when he murders, an adulterer when he commits adultery, a thief when he steals, a rapist when he rapes, none of them expect anyone to find out and/or thinks about being accountable and responsible for the actions. Just as the father's of most of these teenage pregnancies and single-mother families do not support their child/children, most likely because the mother herself doesn't know who the father is as she slept with so man.

Also does it look like today's society is happy with their short-term relationships and promiscuity? Why can't they just wait until marriage? Also a lot of people don't have use condoms and/or other contraceptive methods. Also marriage is a STABLE environment for sex in which it is not one-night-stand or fling, it is devoted love and commitment to your partner in which you will not leave them alone to bring up a child and will provide for them as is the duty of a husband.

Also contraceptives are ARTIFICIAL and therefore are not good for oneself.
The natural consequence of having sexual intercourse is conceiving a child. it is wrong to interfere with this, it is interfering with nature and the way things are supposed to be and meant to be. Another argument is that contraception is anti-life and those who do it are intentionally anti-life. Some contraceptive methods are abortion, as they can operate by preventing the implantation and development of a fertilised egg,:
Some birth control pills

A) Most modern birth control pills can prevent implantation of a fertilised egg

B) There is no way for the user to know after any act of intercourse whether the pill prevented implantation (or worked in some other way)

C)Therefore using such pills always runs the risk of causing an abortion

D) It is wrong to run the risk of causing an abortion

The Morning after pill and IUD prevent the fertilised egg from implanting and therefore area forms of abortion.

Judie Brown, the founder and president of the American Life League, explains it like this: "The contraceptive mentality suggests that man and woman have absolute and total control over their reproductive lives. Once you have that mindset and the contraceptives fail, then you can eliminate that problem [the pregnancy] as well."

By the way I'm not Catholic or Christian, I am a Muslim and though I disagree with many of their teachings, I support their views on birth control. I think by know you would have guessed I followed one of the Abrahamic religions and from your argument I have guessed you are an atheist which is why your views are so modern and mine are traditional.

What is wrong with good old chastity? Why does everyone have to have sex with anything in sight that they are attracted to? Though it may sound unfair that people especially young people shouldn't have sex before marriage, it is better in the long run. People need to STOP being SELFISH and thinking about themselves and their own LUSTS AND DESIRES and forgetting the impact they make on society and in some case even their children, as they have to grow up with parents going to court to see who should get the children and seeing the children etc. Don't you understand, we have to look at the WHOLE picture and not just some desperate, irresponsible teenagers who want to have a little pleasure that brings more pain.

Well it is the person's own responsibility to know what he or she is doing and what are the effects of sex outside marriage. They should NOT be having sex if they don't know the effects of it and what are the side-affects they can have. This shows they are not responsible since they do not know what they are doing, there are ENOUGH books and Internet articles and websites on STD's and birth control, I don't know how, in the 21st century where every house has access to the Internet and/or libraries, people can not know about these things. Everyone has heard of condoms and AIDS, all one has to do is a bit of research. Nobody taught me about birth control and STD's, I had to research it myself and I'm sure many other people had to find out about it themselves.

Those who cannot have children can adopt orphans or a couple may give them a child. Also there would be no accidental conception if sex was only in marriage and as I said, the purpose of sex is children just as the purpose of a bed is to sleep in and along with that you get the warm and comfort and even pleasure from the bed so much so that one doesn't want to wake up and get out of the bed. Of course you need a bed to sleep in but you cannot stay in bed all the time and overdo the purpose which is sleep and neither should you neglect the sleep and never go to bed. This is like sex. Everyone needs sex but you can't do it all the time, neither can you live without sex. There is a balance as everything needs balance, the middle way, not too less nor too much but just right, in the middle. You shouldn't go extreme nor neglect things that you need such as food, drinking, sex, sleeping, exercise etc.

Why would the married couples not want children? The whole purpose of marriage is so that you can have sex and children in a safe and secure family home without worries. Having the ability to have children is something many people take for granted as some people cannot have children and they should be thankful they have that ability and should not abuse it.

I am not against infertile people having sex in marriage, as they also have sexual desires and need a lawful way of releasing them. It is not that person's fault that he has a disability to have children and so is not to blame for it and he should lead a normal life including sex.

The main purpose of sex is to have children but also to be able to have children in an enjoying way so that people want to have sex and have children. Everyone has needs and desires and they can release these through sex but we cannot abuse and neglect the other purpose.

CDC (Center for disease control and prevention) says on their website: Although medication will stop the infection, it will not repair any permanent damage done by the disease. Drug-resistant strains of gonorrhoea are increasing, and successful treatment of gonorrhea is becoming more difficult.
This shows that it is no longer like a fly on the nose and more like a a bacteria that is becoming resistant to antibiotics aka Superbugs. Many people do not have symptoms for chlamydia and therefore one wouldn't know they had it, that is why it is called the "Silent epidemic" and many people do not know they have it. It can also be passed onto a baby if the female becomes pregnant and has chlamydia (as in half to three-quarters of people do not know they have it). Chlamydia can, if untreated, lead to HIV/AIDS. The only way one can be 100% free of it is abstinence until marriage. Why would one risk getting an illness that can be life-threatening over some selfish desires? Why go through all this hassle? I would rather be safe than sorry. I think I can wait until marriage than rather die of a disease I got of a slut after getting drunk. Sacrifices need to made to stay healthy and this is one of them. In life many sacrifices need to be made for the better such as eating healthy, stop drinking and drugs, stop smoking and I believe fornication is one of these sacrifices too.

Sex is only done responsibly in marriage and is the only 100% way of not getting these STD's and have a stable family life. That's the thing though, no one thinks of consequences and how much problems one little action can cause. The thing is people are just following their lusts and desires and not thinking sensibly or controlling themselves. If we allow desires and lusts to overcome as and we do as we want, we are no better than animals. We can arise higher than this, we are better than this but many people don't see it like this. They have a very bad idea of fun and joy and life altogether.They believe in YOLO, you only live once, so make the most of it, do what you want kind of attitude. Fun is getting drunk until one loses their senses and does shameful, disgusting things and often end up getting arrested for alcohol related crimes and not only that, alcohol is one of the biggest addictions and killers, which is why Islam prevents it and the Prophet Muhammad called it "The Mother of all evils", which no sane person can deny as everyone knows that alcohol is indeed very dangerous but that is a different topic. The thing is they just do NOT care about tomorrow, listen the songs of today, they promote nothing but alcoholism, fornication, following your desires, its your body you can do what you want to, partying all night and getting drunk and forgetting about tomorrow. The media/music industry plays a HUGE part in people's thinking and mentality. Man, this world is just so corrupt.

The thing is that the girls have become accustomed and brainwashed into that thinking and have accepted it as the "civilised and free way of life". They think they are free, in fact, nothing could be further than the truth than that.

I have no more space to address the other topics, I apologise and I shall address them in the next one
Debate Round No. 3


Here are all the points I am addressing.

1) Not all religions prohibit premarital sex. Jainism doesn't. Taoism doesn't. Zoroastrianism doesn't. Buddhism doesn't. Juche doesn't. Shintoism doesn't. Neo-Paganism doesn't. Those are all in the 20 top religions in the world, but there are plenty more in existence that don't explicitly state that premarital sex is a sin.

2) Nowhere did I state that premarital sex is explicitly right. It's not some magical problem-solver. I simply don't believe it is wrong, if both parties consent and take safety precautions. You are doing what is known as "the burden of proof fallacy"--You said that the burden of proof lies not with the person making the claim (that sex is wrong), but with someone else to disprove.

3) Murder, adultery, stealing, and rape are wrong because they harm people who did not consent to be in a harming position. If two consent to have sex with each other, and PROPERLY prevent any harm that could be done as a result, no harm occurs. Thus, the situations can't be compared.

4) Yes, people don't use condoms or contraceptive methods, and THAT is what needs to be addressed, so that sexual safety can occur. To suggest keeping it within a marriage, though, is silly: Have you seen divorce rates lately? Marriage is not stable. There are stable relationships in which the partners choose not to get married, and unstable marriages. Also, what if the married partners don't want to bring up a child? They can take measures to prevent it.

5) Appeal to nature fallacy strikes again. Just because it is a "natural" thing doesn't mean it can't be changed: "What do you mean, you got pneumonia from waiting in the cold and you want antibiotics? Listen up, sometimes you just have to cough and choke and wheeze, and that's just life. Suck it up, grow the hell up, and deal. Life's not fair, and sometimes life hands you infections. It was meant to be."

There is absolutely no observation, no matter how banal or penetrating, that cannot be handwaved away with "whatever, that's just life." Everything's life... and life can change.

6) I see you are bringing pro-life arguments into this. However, that's not the issue at hand. Even if some birth control pills do cause abortion, that only applies to a part, rather than a whole, and should be addressed as that part rather than the whole issue of birth control pills.

The Judie Brown quote is a slippery slope fallacy: saying that if we allow A to happen, then Z will eventually happen too, therefore A should not happen. The problem with this reasoning is that it avoids engaging with the issue at hand, and instead shifts attention to extreme hypotheticals. Because no proof is presented to show that such extreme hypotheticals (birth control causing actual abortion!) will in fact occur, this fallacy has the form of an appeal to emotion fallacy by leveraging fear.

7) Um, good guess? But my religious stance doesn't have to do with this. While we're on it, though, let me assert that "traditional" values don't necessarily equal better.

8) Yes, consequences arise from having unwanted children.

HOWEVER, that is why I advocate birth control. If people want to express themselves sexually, fine, as long as they are modest, responsible, and ethical (see point 2) about it. When folks use condoms and birth control, they're actually taking responsibility and not being selfish.

8) That is why we need to educate our population on these things so sexual consequences don't arise.

9) As for "you can't stay in the bed all the time," why not? Some folks do. As for no sleep, humans require sleep for medical reasons.
NOT because lack of sleep gets rid of the "symbolic meaning" of sleeping.

As for not having sex all the time or never, why not? Although they may be driven to do it, I have not found any factual evidence that humans physically require sex, nor that celibacy causes any detriment in itself. The risks associated with involuntary celibacy--loneliness, frustration, depression--all involve societal standards regarding sex, much in the same way anyone who does not conform to society's standards may face such issues.

10) Surprise: The most recent U.S. Census data reports that 1 in 5 women aged 40 to 45 don"t have children. That"s a significant boost from the 1970s, when 1 in 10 women in that age group didn"t have kids.

Younger couples also are making the childless choice. A 2011 study by the Center for Work-Life Policy finds that a surprisingly large number of Generation Xers " people born between 1965 and 1978 " are delaying parenthood or forgoing it completely.

But they are still married. Our society's view of marriage is a legal union between lifelong partners. And to recall the tomato analogy in the previous round, just because some people want it doesn't mean everyone should be grateful for it!

11) Library analogy strikes back: We haven't forgotten the "other purpose" of sex. We just like the other purpose a lot more (computers for libraries, pleasure for sex), but the old purpose (books or babies) is still in use and will never go out-of-date.

12) Bike analogy strikes back: "The only foolproof way to prevent getting injured on a bike is to never ride a bike. Of course, let's skip all information about helmets and safety. Bike injuries are terrible. I'd rather be safe than sorry. AVOID BIKES."

13) Diseases can be transmitted through many things, which is why we take precautions: Rinse a cut and put a bandage over it immediately. Don't keep food in room temperature for too long. Use a condom to avoid getting an infection.

STD's aren't bad because they're Shameful Crotch Rot. They're bad because they're INFECTIONS. To compare...

A boy died from using city hose water that had a germ in it. Cases of contaminated city water occur each year: Should we give up hoses after this case because they may have possibly deadly germs? No. We take precautionary measures and, if unfortunate cases happen, treatment afterward. STD's shouldn't be different.

I will see you in the next round. Please read what I am saying and absorb it. I have had to repeat several of my arguments because you clung to yours without taking mine into account.


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Debate Round No. 4
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