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Should boys and girls be educated in different schools?

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Started: 10/21/2017 Category: People
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In general, girls and boys learn differently and at different rates. As a result, each gender needs its own specific things to help them learn better and actually understand what they are learning. Separating girls and boys in the school environment would have several key positives including the ability to learn in a way suitable for their individual needs as well as the decrease of distractions.


First of all, I would like to wish the best of luck.

Since my opponent provided no definitions whatsoever, I"ll be defying the terms in this debate:

Single Sex Schools- Schools that only operate and accept boys/girls in the school

Status quo schooling system- Both public and private schools. Currently, both co-ed and single sex schools exist

My stance:

As my opponent makes the assertion of that boys and girls are significantly better off in single sex schools, it"s safe to assume that the ideal world for side proposition is to implement a society of single sex schools.

My stance is quite simple; I"ll be defending the status quo. In the sense that both co-ed and single sex schools exist in the system and students and their families may choose which variant of schooling they shall attend.


Since side Proposition is proposing an all-new schooling system, the burden on them to prove substantial benefits to universal single sexed schools

With that, I shall bring up 3 arguments in round 1:

1: Choice of schooling

Look, I believe that some people choose to attend single sex schools and believe that variant of schooling is more beneficial to them. Others rather attend a co-ed school. Thus, in the status quo, I"m proud to defend a system with a choice can be made with these two varients of schooling. Unlike the world Pro is proposing of universal single sexed schools, where students who like the system won"t benefit more as they have a choice attending single sex schools already.

However, such a system would prove detrimental to children to detest single sex schooling. Thus, the ideal world that side proposition aims to prove has no benefits for either the ones who enjoy single sex schooling or the ones that don"t

2: What do Co-ed Schools offer?

In the real world, there will be no barrier of sex. Thus, Co-ed schools build this foundation from childhood. When boys and girls are in the same climate of schooling, which takes up a decent portion of their day. Boys and Girls will feel more comfortable with each other and along better. Thus, if they build this foundation by going things like group projects with the opposite sex they naturally get better at cooperating with them.

As the children of today will be the workforce of tomorrow, we believe co-ed schools should still exist as provide benefits to a child"s future. And thus, we believe it"s wrong for side pro to take this away from the millions of children who love their environment.

3: Academic performance.

As one any school"s biggest goal is to uplift children, we must look at statistical measurements of academic performance. Of comparison of top private schools. (Note* private schools because public schools are overwhelmingly coed). Out of the top 10 schools with the highest SAT averages, only 2 are single sexed. (1)

Thus, there no substantial and universal benefit for students if they were to go into single sexed schooling. Which by the way, to adopt on a large scale, takes tremendous redistribution.

For all stated above, I"m proud to oppose.

Debate Round No. 1


I am going to be focusing on two major parts during my round two argument: social pressure when girls and boys are around as well as the lack of maturity.

Firstly, the lack of maturity in both girls and boys when they are in, say, high school, is astounding. According to GreatSchools (see link below argument), the PFC (prefrontal cortex) part of the brain is still highly undeveloped. And what does this part of the brain control, you may ask? Well, the PFC is majorly credited with the control of planning, organizing and most importantly (in this argument) impulse suppression and weighing consequences. When hormones come into the mix with this underdevelopment in the mental department, you've got major time distractions and problems. Boys are visually wired and unfortunately, that causes them to be distracted.

According to Researcher Laurence Steinberg (New York Times), male teens are increasingly willing to do stupid things in order to impress or "show off" for the females that they are with every day at school. They also seem less able to be able to concentrate on their school work. In fact, statistics (Source: StateImpact; see link below) show that there is a positive impact reported by single-sex schools. According to Stepfanie Kuonon, a senior at the Philadelphia High School for Girls, there is less clowning around at single-sex schools because the major distraction of the other gender has been removed. The principal of the same school says that she notices a decrease in the attention on the "latest fashion trends" and more on education and succeeding in life.

There is clear evidence and opinions that support the fact that girls and boys thrive (and will continue to) in environments SEPARATE from each other. Even if they are separated just for (again, say) high school, college is a good opportunity to get immersed back into the world of multi-gender interactions.

Lack of brain maturity:
Social Pressure/Less Distractions: (1)

Less Distractions at single-sex schools:


My opponent chooses to rebut nothing of what I've mentioned in round one....

Nevertheless, before I move to onto my own case, I'll provide some rebuttals:

My opponent bases both round 1 and 2 on this idea that the reason of for single-sex schools for boys and girls is based off of distractions.

Contradictory in her arguments to source:

In her source that she stated for her argument (lack of brain maturity and Social pressure). On the bottom paragraph on that article

"With so many physical and emotional changes going on ""and a brain that"s still a work in progress ""it"s no wonder that the journey to adulthood is often a turbulent ride, for teenager and parent alike. If your teen spends a good deal of time shrieking at you, or alternatively, replies to every question with a shrug or a grunt, comfort yourself with a biological explanation: He or she is probably right on track."

That her own source justifies the claim of development. Children are naturally developing. We on side con believe that if my opponent believes that natural development is a feud of this debate then the status quo shall very well remain. I'm not saying that single sex education is wrong, I'm just saying Co-ed education also has benefits. Thus if everybody in the Pro's world from the moment you step into being a student to the moment you graduate 12-13 years later, you will be in one school.

This causes many things that would be not occurring in co-ed education for instance misconceptions of the other sex. Getting along with the other sex, which is beneficial for ones development (1). This is beneficial as I believe its a very natural thing for humans to cross mingle and interact. Even if this means having a crush on somebody in your class. And from what my opponent calls "stupid things". Yes, they may be stupid on a recall. However, it is things like those decisions that make mistakes. And mistakes can have embarrassment. But after all, they're truly beneficial in the development of both sexes and all children. Thus Co-ed schools offers some benefits single sex school doesn't

Now only my case:

Pro talked about the words of principles and adults. However, in this round, I'll focus on the students themselves.

Based on (2) a study done for the US department of education, from its hundreds of different data collection surveys and extensive review. It was concluded that 2/3 of students found "no difference" in their academic life in single sex and Coed schooling. Thus justifying my claim of benefits on both parts. And yes, even though some students from the survey did poll that single sex is better I still win this debate for 2 reasons

i.) Minority
When 2/3 of the students detect no academic changes, the rest of the pot is a minority. Just as some prefer the single sex system, others alike fancy the Coed system: this leads me to my 2nd point

2; Distribution

As I said in round 1 with no objection from Pro. As Con, I defend the status quo. And as Pro believes that children are better educated and should be educated in different schools. Even if we put aside the fact of all our arguments. Implementing universal change to millions of students requires heavy redistribution.

And even if I take Pro at their best in that a redistribution method (she hasn't proposed one) somehow works, its still flawed.

When you move millions of students and draw around the school districts universally so that boys and girls can attend different schools, that requires a lot of money and persuasion. Persuasion because many are NOT satisfied to contempt with a single sex system. And yet the status quo offers this choice, as I talked about during my round 1 case. Thus, not only will the costs be great and requiring of heavy effort to redraw districts, it will also leave thousands of household unsatisfied, like the ones shown in my (1) statistic.

And for all stated above. I have disproved my opponent's arguments and developed 2 of my own new arguments.

Thus, I'm so proud to stand on Con
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Posted by yanagurl136 8 months ago
Yeah, a bit. Mostly busy. And I kinda lost interest. XD
Posted by Bamboo_Shoot 8 months ago
You forfeited. Very deplorable.
Posted by yanagurl136 9 months ago
What do you mean... "please stop"? We're not doing anything wrong... I think?
Posted by ccfungclare 9 months ago
ugh.. can you two PLEASE stop? I don't really understand you two, However, in this debate I agree in negative. In order for success of the student's future, I believe it is necessary for unisex school. The student (especially children) have to learn to respect the ideas of different sex. They also have to learn self control and what to not do between girls and boys. Having unisex schools are like a bridge of a students communication with his/ her different sex. Which is very crucial
Posted by yanagurl136 9 months ago
Bruh. Let me breathe, dude. I have a sceduale too. And a life.
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 9 months ago
@yanagurl136 Please post your last round on my "The Roast Game" debate
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