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Should bullies be legally punished as criminals?

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Started: 7/1/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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I feel they should and shouldn't because of many reasons. It's not their fault if someone kills themselves because they were bullied but they would still be alive if they had been left alone. Just keep that in mind.


Observation- Opponent assumes that all bullies cause people to suicide. Therefore my opponent is arguing for bullies who don"t cause suicide as well to be convicted.

My opponent neglect that it"s not empirically possible to test for such a causation because there could have been other factors, therefore the bully wouldn"t be known to have the cause of suicide. Pro can not assume because someone kill themselves after bullying, that the cause of death was bullying. For example, if once I swallow a pill, my mother dies, we wouldn"t assume that my pill swallowing was the cause of death to my mother. Therefore this refutes my opponent"s argument about it being the fault of the bullies since this would lead us to put people innocent of murder, into being charged with the crime of murder.

It is not just to punish someone for someone else's sensitiveness because it has gotten to a point where anything triggers someone to the point of depression. For example, it wouldn"t be just to punish someone for calling someone a Jew, and that Jew killing himself because people have the right to speech. This would be an overreaction if this is the only instance to have happened to the Jew, and if it was due to multiple instances, then we would have to consider everyone who offended the jew as criminals.
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