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Should cell phones be banned in classrooms

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Started: 5/17/2016 Category: Education
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I think cell phones should be banned in classrooms because they are a major distraction in my classes with other students they always are on there phones when my teachers are talking and the teacher yells at them its not enough that never stops them


The students should be able to decide if they want to use there time texting. If they want a good or bad education that is their decision. So banning it are only going to make it sneaky and bad.
Debate Round No. 1


my studies found shows that the 68% of the people at school have phones and are a major distraction to 93% of the students trying to learn and if they don't learn how will they be successful and the school teachers should check each student before entering classrooms and if they are caught there should be consequences


But if they decide it it is their decision.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Janerover 2 years ago
I think it comes down to this.

eg. most kids don't like education, and if given a choice, I'm sure many wouldn't attend Primary school (or High school, for that matter). If kids are 'forced' into the education system, surely we should be doing the best thing for them, which is to encourage learning.

I don't have the stats, but it's easy to imagine that phones would lead to distraction and inattention.

But as long as they are a captive audience, my opinion is to take away free choice - and take away the phone! Their minds are not mature enough to make the best rational decisions at times... And if you have comments on how they are uncontactable by their parents - well how did they cope before? Easily. Messages get relayed to Principals, School teachers and other authority figures.
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Vote Placed by Meropenem777 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: -Both had displayed bad grammar, so no one gets points for that. -Although Con did not have a formal source to back up his information, he still managed to refute Pro's argument with statistics. In the 2nd round, Pro merely reiterated his argument from the 1st round. If Pro had for instance, elaborated more on why its important for them to have a choice, then he would have likely received points for convincing arguments depending on how he did it. Way too short of a debate though, could have used more rounds.