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Should cheerleaders be performing at girls sports events as well as boys?

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Started: 12/1/2016 Category: Sports
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I affirm today's resolution, on balance, cheerleaders should be able to cheer for girls sports teams as well as boys teams.

I would like to observe the following, There have been very great changes in women's lives in the past few decades. They include much more openness about sexuality, millions of mothers going out to work, women breaking into new industries and professions, and acceptance that women will work outside the home, have children outside marriage, and have the right to control their own sexuality. But work and personal life have been distorted by the constraints of capitalism and have fallen far short of liberation. So there is still as much to fight for.

Cheerleaders have been performing at sports tournaments for as long as we can remember, the thing is, is that they have yet to or rarely are ever seen at sports tournaments where girls are playing.
Currently, cheerleaders perform at home turf games and away games, so there isn"t really a time excuse, they can make time for girls if they can make time to go out of their home games and go to away games. So, they could make time for the girls if they just stayed at the home games and didn"t go to away games.
Cheerleaders enjoy supporting girls teams but all they have really been able to do at the games is sit in the stands, so it wasn"t really like a real performance at halftime or baseline. Some people even say that if they preformed at girls games, they would actually attract a large audience because the girls games would be treated professionally.
If the cheerleaders would support both the boys games and the girls games, it could also attract more of an audience of the student body, helping out the girls and the cheerleaders. Making it a win-win.
So hopefully, cheerleaders will start attending girls games as well as boys, even just a few could attract the attention of many, helping everyone out in the long run.

Thus, I am proud to affirm.


Cheerleaders shouldn't perform at female sports games. Since cheerleading is historically integrated into men's sports, they don't detract from the main event, the sport being played. By performing in girls' games, cheerleaders may become a novelty, temporarily boosting attendance, but ultimately not making a significant change. Cheer competitions are already major, providing an opportunity for the cheer teams to showcase their talent. Additionally, girl's sports are generally less compatible with cheerleading. At my high school, girls' athletics are swim/dive, lacrosse, track, cross-country, volleyball, gymnastics, and soccer. Only soccer and lacrosse could facilitate the cheer team, as the others are held inside, or in the case of the running sports, are impractical to cheer for. Cheerleading is a significant part of the football culture and, to a lesser degree, other men's sports. Female athletes shouldn't need the cheer program to attract attention, for example, my school's girls soccer are more "famous" than the boys since they won last year's state championship. Girls teams already have support from the community and can attract following themselves. Cheerleading isn't practical for women's' athletics and simply would take away from the teams themselves.
Source-Personal Experience
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent has stated that cheerleading is historically integrated and, therefore, should not be changed, however, tragedies like slavery and war. Now, because those are historically integrated, like my opponent had said, then they apparently should be left alone and untouched? No! That's an awful thing to ask and just because it's historic, doesn't mean it should last.
Now to my opponents next claim/contention, boys teams have not become a novelty to go to like my opponent has claimed girls teams will, so we simply can not use this due to the hypothetical speculation of this happening.
Your school is just one school, no offense, in my area, there are plenty of other sports besides the sports that my opponent has named off that are compatible with cheerleading, some examples could be, hockey, basketball, baseball, softball, and the list could go on.
All my opponent's examples really have to do with how their school works but we have to look at the bigger picture in today's debate, I'm talking different schools, different states, even different countries that take up cheerleading, so because my opponent is only giving an example of their singular school does not mean that it's the same for everyone else. Most schools with girls sports teams barely get any attention when it comes to games and recreation, when the boy's get to have all the fame and glory.
For these compelling reasons I affirm the resolution and urge a Pro ballot in today's debate. Thank you.


I did not mean to indicate that female sports as a whole would be made a novelty, but rather the cheer teams presence at these events would be the novelty. Additionally, the cheer-compatible sports my opponent named have no cheerleaders, even at boys games. It seems odd to have cheerleaders at these games, unless they also attend the male counterparts. Considering the sheer number of sports, it is unreasonable and unrealistic to suggest a cheer team could appear at all of these games. Since football games attract the largest crowds, and cheerleading is a cornerstone of the football culture, cheerleaders ought to prioritize these games. Regarding the suggestion that female teams are mostly ignored, I cannot agree. It's an individual team's responsibility to attract attention, both men's and women's team must do this. If a women's team is ignored they simply aren't being active enough in the community to generate hype and excitement. Because football and cheer are paired together sucessfully, it is illogical to experiment the combination of cheer with other sports.
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Posted by TheBenC 1 day ago
Cheerleaders are there to lead the crowd to cheer for the team. Nobody goes to see girl games, so cheerleaders would just be there to lead nobody.
Posted by Iacov 1 day ago
Now please correct me if I'm wrong but at my Highschool the only team that has cheerleaders is football, this sport only has a boy team, both basketball teams have no cheerleaders, same for soccer and volleyball.
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