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Should children be able to withdraw themselves from Religious Education.

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Started: 7/10/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Children should be allowed to make their own choices when regarding religion. They should not be forced to worship and study a god and have beliefs pushed down their throat by schools. Religion is a choice and as humans we have the choice to believe what we want. So if that statement is true, why do MATURE children not have the choice to pick religion. Religion is completely based on faith so why can't children choose not to study religion completely based on no basis at all (like religion is). I personally think if the child can prove he is mature and write a letter explaining his/her beliefs with evidence to support why they don't want to worship a god and study religion, they shouldn't be forced to. Religion is completely based on nothing so if a child can prove with EVIDENCE that they don't need to study RE then they shouldn't have to.

P.S. Super, ultra, mega religious parents don't say to me that "Oh I gave the kid life so I should be able to force him into religion." No you shouldn't. If your parents told you to go kill 420,069 people, would you? Of course you would because they gave you life so they basically own you. OBVIOUSLY NOT!

- Stephen



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Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
Only children would believe children have rights.
Posted by Rudeus-Sama 2 years ago
What are the parameters of this? Are you speaking about the Canadian issue of exemption? If so, you can already be exempted from the mandatory religion course...
Posted by Elias_is_the_llama 2 years ago
I'm considering accepting this debate, but if anybody else would like to, i'm willing to withdraw
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