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Should children have the right to choose their education & learning?

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Started: 6/4/2015 Category: Education
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I've never heard of this argument but I am all for it. I think if children were allowed to

choose their learning and education people would love their jobs more often then not. Of course

the age they start to choose their education shouldn't be in kindergarten. It should be given to them

in middle school, so they recognize it as a opportunity. As the children didn't get to choose

something from K"5 grade, they will from 6"12 grade and it will allow them to choose an

education they show an interest in reflecting in better grades and a work force that has an interest

in their jobs. If a kid grows up and wants to be an auto mechanic and he's forced to take biology

and health, it will not benefit him with the field of work he wants to get into. Instead of those

classes we fill his time with auto mechanic classes, and we have a worker who knows the ins and

outs of almost every vehicle because he has been fixing them since 6

classes I still retained little of the knowledge for but it has not benefited me to this day. I could also

argue that taking the right away, of the children being able to choose their education. Could be a

very good thing because It opens the eyes of children of what they could be interested in instead of

having faith that an immature 7

th grade. I have taken many

th grader will want to be an auto mechanic his entire life.


I will gladly accept this debate but before i continue i would like to add that in today's world after the age of 18 yr (or after the individual finishes grade 12) he/she/it can in fact choose their education (they can get into any program in a university or collage they wish as long as they have the adequate grades). But for the sake of the debate, and playing a bit the devils advocate, I will be debating that students (ages 6-18) should not choose their classes/ education they desire.

1.0 Power of Decision Making [1]

The human brain is still in its developing stages (during the teens and pre-teens years) lacking the knowledge, experience as well as the capability of comprehension of the events for future development. Lets look at this example, in hopes that it will describe it more clearly.

"John a 8 yr old boy is going to school and he hates it. He takes math and English, two of the courses that he hates the most. He hates it that he has to do homework and that he has to always do calculations. He just wants to draw. With this new law where children/teens are allowed to choose their own classes he has decided to switch to PE (physical education) classes as well as full arts curriculum. Him and others of his age do the same. As time progresses, more kids start to switch to this type of courses/programs where it does not challenge/develop their way of thinking as well as develop their ability to properly communicate."

Hope you see my point here. I will add point 2.0 in next round if needed.

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