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Should children talk about the election in school?

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Started: 9/22/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Should children who really don't know what they are talking about go and repeat what they heard on the TV to their fellow classmates. Should they go say some stuff they heard Trump or Hilary say to they classmates, NO.


The Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools acknowledges that "individuals do not automatically become responsible participating citizens but must be educated for citizenship". [1]

The Progressive Liberal political machine constantly laments about "voter suppression" and discrimination against minority voters, yet the same Political machine holds power over the minority targeted public education system, since the vast majority of minority voters live in Urban areas with elected Democrat city counsils, elected Democrat executive office holders and Democratcially appointed education czars.

I would assume, the Progressive Left is concerned about the lack of civic-minded minorities and would thus be in favor of a robust Civics course and open dialouge about the political process in Acedemia, but alas, as my oponent will no doubt demonstrate, they are more concerned about creating "safe spaces" where alternative thought cannot be discussed.

My opponent, by assuming the CON position, directly supports a Fascist public education platform, by using force (i.e. compulsion through a strong-arm government) to silence the free speech of a student population that is rapidly approaching their legal voting age.

[1] -

Debate Round No. 1


Were not silencing kids this topic is not appropriate for school.
Children go to school to learn not to yell at each other saying Hilary or Trump should be president.


Con stated: Were not silencing kids this topic is not appropriate for school.

My opponent's argument is self-defeating. By stating that the topic is "inappropriate for school", he/she is justifying why the children should be silenced.

Con stated: Children go to school to learn not to yell at each other saying Hilary or Trump should be president.

Children go to school to learn. Exactly. An open discourse about politics absolutely has a place in academia. Civics is not an inherent skill. It's like math, english or history. It needs to be learned through instruction. That includes criticizing party candidates.

Notice that my opponents has dropped multiple points, but specifically this one. I previously argued for civics education. My opponents simply responded by stomping his /her foot and repeating a previous, unsupported "desire".

28 states scored a D to F on their civics rating, which results in a voting population that is intellectually unfit to perform their civic duty by participating in free elections. [1]

We should all be worried that this uneducated population might one day make a mistake and have the country deadlocked between a corrupt, race-baiting, career politician and a corrupt, race-baiting, corporate monster.....(whoops).

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