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Should children under 18 study high school abroad?

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Started: 7/21/2016 Category: Education
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Read more about passionate teachers who really want to share their experience, family - type of school with a 1:3 teacher - student ratio, great sports programmes, high quality accommodation and nutrition. Children become self-sufficient, independent individuals who can grow into the citizens of the world and strong personalities in the international community.


Children under 18 have no reason to study abroad, it's only giving them an opportunity to goof off with little supervision. Around 80 percent of American teens drink alcohol, and about 10 percent use drugs. When the children are in foreign places, with no chance of being busted by their parents, they are focused on doing bad things, not learning, Often times trips will amount to sitting in a hotel room 90% of the time. It is better for the kids to learn about the foreign countries in high school, and maybe study abroad in college when they are more responsible.
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Posted by Wiseupjardim 2 years ago
Yes, we should work harder in school because it is when the kids have the first learning experience, and if that experience was weak, probably the rest wil be bad. If the kids have a solid base, knowledge may be built upon it. but the school needs to mix subjects and extra curricular activities, because the students can become more interested, developing their body, mind and soul.
More time in a school, will help the students to develop their social, intelectual and personal abilities, therefore
Kids that spend more time in the school, will have more chances to enter in a good university.
Posted by KyleStevens 2 years ago
I agree with Con. Studying abroad while in high school would work for the most disciplined students. It's not a joke to send a kid thousand of miles away from home with enough pocket money and supervision which creates hundreds of opportunities to spoil their education because of drug, alcohol when the only thing they should do is to study.
Posted by Foxian 2 years ago
Con, a lot of what you say is not true... at least in my experience of studying abroad in the United States. I stayed with a host family, so I was supervised. My family payed 66,750 RMB (~10,000 US dollars) , so goofing off was never something I considered. Also, many of us that study abroad from China at least, attend some of the best high schools in China, in my case the best high school, we can't afford to do anything that might jeopardize our gaokao scores, because that test is very important. Although, everything I say is anecdotal.
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