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Should civilians be allowed to own Nuclear Weapons!?

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Started: 4/17/2015 Category: Politics
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Allowing Nuclear weapons to civilians sounds sort of something an instant no! But is it? When you think about it, it can solve many more problems then you think.
Let's start off with overpopulation. Overpopulation is becoming a bigger problem in this world than you think, we are creating more waste then land on Earth can hold! This alone can decrease the pollution in the air drastically. This will also solve the problem of material goods being overused and being harder to replace. Everyone will be so much more happier!


All of the earths population could fit into Texas but if overpopulation were true then blowing up areas may lower the population but would also take away land space because it would be radioactive.

If civilians had nuclear weapons it would cause a world war 3 because someone would nuke Russia or China then they would nuke us. Also someone would blow up our country if the were trying to take down the USA like on 9/11 how the terrorist killed themselves to cause us harm. But if say no one wanted to harm America (not true) it would help our economy because more jobs available to Americans.
Debate Round No. 1


Exactly! You have only proven my point even further! Land would be destroyed by radioactive chemicals, but you must not be seeing the huge benefit of that!
If you have heard of almost any superhero there is then you would know they get there powers from radioactive chemicals. This would mean that every human on Earth could become a superhero with super powers! See, everyone's even more happier than before!
Imagine how happy the world be if we all had super powers and we could solve even more problems other than overpopulation! There still might be a chance for a Utopian society!

Now about the world war 3 thing, because if everyone had nuclear weapons then it would be a really fast war meaning less suffering.

Thus your argument is invalid.


If everyone had a superpower would it be that super also with superheros comes super villians could you imagine if Hitler or Stalin would of had superpowers.

Nuclear weapons can cause people to suffer if they are out of the blast radius but still get affect by the heat. There are several accounts from Japanese soldiers who went to try to save there people when we nuked them about how there skin ripped off when they tried to pick up the civilians.
Debate Round No. 2


Since everyone would gain the abilities of superheroes then villains would pose no bigger threat then today. They may pose almost no real threat at all, if you have seen any superhero movie then you would know that in the end the heroes always win.

You are also forgetting one other thing, superheroes are practically indestructible, especially by environmental reasons. This means that their skin would not peel off but instead they would be unaffected and possibly even feel better! This also goes to show that medicine won't become a huge concern anymore because we could heal ourselves, even heal ourselves of cancer! We could focus onto more important things like the future of the human race and what we will soon become all because of this one privilege we give ourselves.

It's not to late to join my side, if you hope for the best of the entire human species then vote yes. Good day.


But life is not a movie and the good do not always win (such as the Vietnam War). Another thing is that you have just disproved your theory that we would have supper powers because why didn't the Japanese get powers.

Your argument has made no since and nothing you have said has been true.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by austinwells1118 2 years ago
No peachking no nuclear weapons for civilians
Posted by Redbaron3297 2 years ago
Why wouldn't you shove everybody into Texas....... Just a joke. I'm just saying you could
Posted by Roxy7707 2 years ago
why would you shove everyone into Texas?
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Reasons for voting decision: boo
Vote Placed by AidanRies 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Radioactivity doesn't give you superpowers. Just cancer...and death. And anyways con had the stronger arguments, pro's arguments strayed from factual evidence.