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Should competitive gaming be considered a sport?

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Started: 10/11/2015 Category: Games
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With the sudden increase of popularity in professional gaming (Esports) in Europe and North America, many are asking as to what this phenomenon is to be classified. The popular opinion among gamers is that it is in fact a sport, and I agree with this. I am seeking an oppositional view in order to write a paper on this topic.

The layout for the argument is: First section=recognition of argument. Second=Main points and supporting evidence/rebuttals.

I look forward to this debate.


Ahh yes! Finally an intriguing topic.
I acknowledge your point of view and I oppose it.
Good luck and lets begin!
Debate Round No. 1


The main focus of my argument is laid out in three major points:

-How it is a sport
-Gaming's similarities to official sports
-The legitimate need for classification

Imagine a stadium at full capacity, thousands cheering and shouting. Lights flare and dazzle the crowd, and huge screens broadcast the action to those in the bleeder seats that bought their tickets at the last minute. Millions of fans watch at home on their televisions or computers as their two favorite teams compete for the title of champion. You're probably picturing the super bowl in your head, right? Well this is actually the competitive world of ESports.
As video games have risen through the ranks from being a place for the socially inadequate to an accepted competitive activity, video games have become a medium of discussion for men and women to relate to each other, and a large piece of pop-culture. It's easy for outsiders to see this as an unnecessary part of society, but again and again the gaming community has proven the benefits of gaming on a person's hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, and even eyesight, as is stated by both Daphne Bavelier-- a professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Geneva--and Jane McGonigal during their presentations on TED. [1],[2]
ESports is where gamers put these skills to the test, especially the physical prowess. Certain games in the ESports lineup require fast hands and unyielding concentration. Only through rigorous training and talent could these young adults achieve the necessary qualifications naturally required by these competitions to compete. A split second decision and movement of the hand could dictate who comes out on top. These qualities fall in line with 's definition of "sport" as "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature".[3] Those who argue that competitive gaming is not an example of physical prowess, nor that it is physically exhausting should try and do what these players do.
In fact, if gaming is not on the same level as swimming, it is at least more of a sport than chess. Though chess is the least physical sport I can think of, it is in fact a recognized Olympic sport! Is not the active, fast paced activeness of ESports more physically engaging than chess? I believe it is. Also, competitive gaming has more in common with traditional sports than people realize. Large stadiums are used to host the big tournaments. Commentators are always on the scene. Typically two teams are presented, and each team has a coach to instruct them. Even performance-enhancing drugs are used to gain the advantage! All these things can be seen in any common description of baseball, football, hockey, etc.
ESports tournaments are being held all over the world now. While previously popular only in Korea, ESports expanded in recent years to include Europe and North America in its epicness.[4] Becoming the best gamer in one's country gives only so much to brag about, so ESports developed international competitions. With gaming currently unacknowledged as an official sport, there is one major issue: acquiring a visa. It is very difficult to pass through a country's visa screening when there is no "official" reason to be accepted. Classifying these competitions as legitimate sports would allow these players to easily gain visas and compete.

[4] Aileen "chaos" Cerrudo at

--rough draft--


Your argument intrigues me, however it is as worthless as your pathetic existence.
"Imagine a stadium at full capacity, thousands cheering and shouting".
We are not here to debate your homosexual love for writhing, in hot groups of boys watching other boys play video games. This is disgusting and actually quite disturbing.
You are a monster.
A fiend.
The sort of person who fucks a prostitute and then leaves her dying in a gutter with a stab wound in her chest.
You are what is wrong with the earth.
Please take your own life before you reproduce and spawn others like you.
Please rid yourself from our earth, for all our sakes.
Debate Round No. 2


Wow. I feel sincerely sorry for you. Going onto this website to insult people. I'm very dissapointed. I thought a thrilling argument was underway. I'll have you know that I have reported your insulting statement. I pray that God helps you with whatever issues you are going through.


TheMattDad123 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Sport is defined as competitive PHYSICAL activity. That is the literal definition so......
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