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Should compulsory education be abolished.

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Started: 6/2/2016 Category: Education
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Firstly, Compulsory education kills dreams. A child who wants to do something different but has his life sealed by the government has all his dreams killed. Compulsory education teaches children a neutral opinion, brainwashing them in process, not letting them have their own opinion.
Secondly, there is no freedom of choice. Everyone has a choice and why don't children. They need to learn to make choices and not just do something just because they are told to. Letting them have a choice is like preparing them for the future as the world is built upon choices.
Lastly, compulsory education is unfair. Children with unbalanced development have to participate and have less resources than others, putting them in an unfair platform.


The Killing of Dreams
Compulsory education may 'kill dreams' of an unrealistic kind but for many who never had hte privilege of education, it in itself was and is a dream for many even to this day. To be education and qualified opens doors, and those doors have dreams behind them that would never have been atteined without compulsory education in the first place.

Neutral Opinionation
What is a neutral opinion? If you are neutral about something, you lack opinion and/or see flaws in either side of a matter.

Freedom of Choice
For something to be compulsory it must restrict freedom of choice. This is not itself an argument against copulsory education because if we allowed children to waste away their childhoods non-constructively they potentially end up in a job at a level far below what their intellect coudl handle. Many would-be geniuses have gone awaste in regois of the world where education is nto only non-compulsory but barely available.

This is not an argument against compulsory education, this is simply pointing out that compulsory education is not yet uniform across the world and that if evertyone was forced to learn the most thorough system in well-equipped schools, they'd all benefit. This is true and it is indeed unfair on those who have a lesser quality of education but this doesn't argue against the education itself.

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Posted by ContraDictator 2 years ago
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
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3 points to Con (Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: Con deserves to win the debate for the following reasons: 1- Con gave a powerful rebuttal. 2-Can's points were bold, in order, and crystal clear At the same time, I criticize that con made no points, just rebuttal, but even that is because of Pro, who didn't show everybody's roles. As for the grammar and punctuation, I got no mistakes from either side. I know that both of the sides have this debate as the first debate, so hope you two well in next debates. Congratulations, Con. Condolences, Pro. Thank you.

[*Reason for removal*] The voter has to assess specific points made in the debate by both sides and weigh them against one another. In this case, the voter states several reasons why Con's arguments were powerful and how Pro may have harmed the debate, but never assesses arguments from either side, nor does he weigh each side's points against one another. That is not sufficient under the voting standards.
Posted by lord_megatron 2 years ago
Also, education gives very less importance to arts and sports
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