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Should convicted child abusers be sterilized by force.

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Started: 12/16/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Sterilization is a permnanent contraceptive proceedure.


I am assuming that by "Child abuse" you are talking about sexual abuse, so I will argue that sterilization should not be forced apon offenders. I will argue that this a cruel and unusual punishment, and would not aid in rehabilitation.

First I want to point out that although the criminal justice system is intended to punish law breakers, it is always a goal to rehabilitate them when possible to avoid repeat offenses. Especially for those who cannot function in society, there is effort put forth to help them during their isolation from society. But the kind of punishment you are suggestion only would tamper with their ability to live a regular life in society if they ever achieve rehabilitation. This will bring me to my second point, which is that these kinds of offenses are a psychological problem.

Secondly, it is important to note that these kinds of offenses are generally considered the result of mental disorder. The problem is psychological, and quite frankly, manipulating a persons reproductive process is not going to offer any help to their metal health. It is simply an arbitrary punishment.

As a result, this punishment is essentially tampering with a person reproductive process to a psychological problem. The reason punishments like this were prohibited in the 8th amendment of the United States, is because they are quite simply cruel.

Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe that child sexual abuse is disgusting, but their are better ways to punish and to help, the people who unfortunately commit these revolting acts. This type of punishment is not the answer though.
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I'm talking about all child abuse. I was raped by my father and beaten, so he should have been sterilized and punished. He proved he can't be trusted with children.


I understand that this can be a sensative issue, and I think we can all agree that child abuse is terrible. But as unfortunate as it is, sterilization is not the answer. It is obvious that someone like that cannot be trusted with children, but the solution would not be to to tamper with their reproduction process, it would be to isolate them from children.

If we are talking about child abuse as a whole, then sterilization is even more irrelevant and unreasonable. This kind of abuse is the result of someone who cannot function in society, so the solution is to isolate them from it, not to tamper with their body. It just does not follow that forcing sterilization on a person is a reasonable solution to a mental problem.

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Posted by DementedAmnesiac 7 months ago
Child abuse is abominable. Sterilization is too light a punishment. I'd say a death sentence is more like it
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