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Should dogs tails be docked?

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Started: 1/12/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Thanks for whoever accepts.

First round accepting.

Second round put forward arguments.

Third round extend


Good luck. I hope this is an excellent debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting and good luck.

My first argument is science based. The tail is an extension of the dog's backbone which is made of muscle and bone.If you cut the tail off then you are severing part of its spine off which can have devastating effects and also is not painless.
Many operations do not use anesthetic because of the cost and the pain is very great for the dog. The pain can last long in its life which is a recurring problem.
Secondly, the tail is there to provide balance for running and swimming and if the balance is not there then the dog is unstable. Why cut off a part of the body that was grown for balance? it is cruel and illogical.
As well as this it could save a dog's life. Imagine a dog being pulled out to sea and no tail. The tail would provide balance and helps with the dog moving through the water. This could be the difference between life and death.


Docking is something that is, at the moment, recommended to be done to certain types of dog breeds. Many people are starting to disagree with this practice, simply saying it is an unjustified mutilation. This practice didn"t come along for fashion reasons though, and wasn"t something that came out of nowhere. It has been done since ancient Romans (, but has since changed reasons for why it has been done. Now it is done in order to help the dog. A dog"s tail has nerves in it until a certain point. At that point the dog cannot feel anything in its tail. This is where the docking occurs. If docking is not done, the dog could seriously harm its tail. In1989, Sweden banned docking. Since then the tail injuries have increased massively in Sweden ( It is also done as to help the hygiene of the dogs. Some dog breeds have long, thick coats that will become fouled by feces if not docked. Docking is something that is usually carried out when puppies are tiny. Sometimes it is done when they are asleep. When they wake up there is no evidence to show that its balance is compromised or its communication is affected. Docking does not develop any sort of side affects or troubles to the dog. The only point at which it could be painful is when the dog is older. It is usually carried out at this point if the dog has had a serious tail injury and is done for therapeutic purposes.
Debate Round No. 2


Although my opponent states a good argument saying that docking didn't come round for fashion, it doesn't mean that this is justified. The Romans docked hunting dogs tails so they wouldn't be caught in bushes and to prevent rabies Which we know now doesn't (
However most tail dockings now are done for fashion reasons and only occasionally are for medical reasons
( " Health).
Also my opponent states that their is no evidence that suggest it affects balance or communication. This is incorrect as the tail is the main way of communication for a dog. Not just to humans but also to other dogs. Is it fair to take this away for fashion reasons? No it isn't.

If the dog was born with a tail then obviously it has a good need for it. You could compare it to FGM or circumcision. A human has need for those parts that is why it is born with it.

I turn to my opponent for their final argument.


I would like to agree with my opponent on the basis that docking is mostly used for cosmetic purposes these days. I am not inhumane enough to argue that doing something to hurt an animal for just its looks is a good thing. However, tail docking should not be outlawed, as there are still many people that bring their dogs hunting. Instead of making all of tail docking a bad thing, I would propose we instead make tail docking for no reason a terrible thing. If used for cosmetic reasons, the operation should not be allowed to be executed. However if the dog truly is or will be a hunting dog, then we should make sure to prevent any tails injuries that could occur by docking its tail. The best approach to this situation is a compromise, not a total elimination of the process. With this I end the debate. I would like to wish good luck to my opponent in his future debates.

Thank you for your time
Debate Round No. 3
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