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Should !edical Marijuana be legal?

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Started: 1/30/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 weeks ago Status: Debating Period
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As Americans, we are constantly evolving and changing perspectives as a society. Medical marijuana is a good example. Lawmakers are redrawing regulations regarding this hot-topic. There are many advantages to legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes, and for medical purposes only. Restricting the availability and ease of access is also important. States where medical marijuana is legal see less dependence on opioids, which is a growing problem. Making sure that people who have actual medical conditions are the only ones who get it is a valuable aspect of the issue. There are many ways to consume CBD and THC; you don't just have to smoke it, which is less detrimental lungs. In states where recreational marijuana is legal, it is different; however comparing the two is unfair. There are many people who would be less dependent on opioids if government made it legal.
We also have the ability to further regulate the cannabis industry as a whole. Many doctors support the legalization movement because it is a valuable way to move society away from hard opioids and toward safer treatments. As a society we are constantly evolving and the decision to legalize medical usage of cannabis would benefit society as a whole.


I believe that Medical marijuana should be illegal because lets say some random druggie knows one of the doctors or something like that and asks that doctor for the marijuana even though they are in no need for the marijuana except for the need to feel pleased from it. Now I understand that Marijuana will still be accessed even if it is illegal but there are way more boundaries than having it legal. And during this debate you might end up mentioning that for you to get the medical marijuana, you would need a medical marijuana card but the crazy thing is, YOU CAN GET ONE OFF THE INTERNET AND GET IT SENT TO YOU. Based off of this website that I have been reading, in the first paragraph t explains that all you have to do is tell them your symptoms and they will send you a medical marijuana card if they believe that, that is the best solution and the horrific part about this is that you can make up these symptoms just so you can have access to the marijuana. In the second paragraph of the website it states that this process is straight forward and it might not even take any longer than 15 minutes. To add on to that, in the second paragraph it also states that you will be asked to provide some medical information and that you might be asked to have a proof of ID. I want people that smoke marijuana to understand that there are consequences for doing the illegal drug but, they will not understand that if they make marijuana legal.
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