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Should elementary school students be given longer recess?

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Started: 12/7/2014 Category: Education
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First round for acceptance.
Right now my neighbors elementary school has 10 minite recess.Appropriate or should it be longer. Im going with yes.


I just read this statement and I want to definitely go against it.

The first being that it will be a bit silly to actually give more recess time for people who don't need it. Me living in the UK as a teen can understand it is really bad for the students.

It is bad for quite a few reasons. Firstly having 60 mins of lunch is a complete waste of time. Most people find school boring because of their constant need to play on their Xbox and PlayStation. So I think If they let you go away from school early you have more time to spend at home socializing with friends on the internet. They may find school boring and hence to keep themselves entertained get into fights and other bad things.

My idea to improve this fault is to give 5 mins of break after each period for snacks, food and other recreational things they want. In the UK most schools give 80 mins of lunch and break. Instead of actually giving 40-60 mins in one go they should be given in installments of 5 mins. With this plan students are able to go home quicker and are not going to get into fights with other students. These are the sole reasons I want less time for break.
Debate Round No. 1


At the school im talking about and most schools where i live in the U. S. the way its done is that recess and lunvh are seperate and lunch is usually around 15 minutes. Back when i was in elementary school we had 30 minutes for recess and the school day was the exact same length. The reason why they shortened the students break for more class time is because thus country's obsession with multiple choice standardized testing us completely out of hand to the point where teachers are cheating for their students on the exams, which start when a child is 6 or 7 and are once ir more a year because if the students do not score well enough the teacher is fired or the school loses a lot of funding or accrededation. According to Dr. Robert Murray, pediatrician and proffeseur of himan nutritian, students require a break between cognative challenges or they lose ability to process cognative information. There was also a study using the Early Childhood Longitudinal data set that showed students with iver 15 minutes if recess had better behauvior in the classroom.
I think you idea about 5 minutes of break between classes is a good one, but i think there us something to be said for letting the kuds have a little longer than 5 minutes to loosen up and recharge a little. Also, 5 minutes is not enough time for a kid to go outside and run around and get fresh air, which they cannot do at home because they have too much homework (yes even the 6 year olds) because of the ridiculous amount emphasis given to standardized testing recently.
By the way keep in mind im only talking about elementary schoolers (ages 6-13).


First of all it was really hard to understand what you were saying because of the mistakes.

Second from your argument I can understand what you are trying to say. The thing is in the UK we have separate lunches and breaks same as US but the thing I disagree with is that the students still misbehave after 60 mins of lunch. At least in most schools in the UK. So I am sorry to say I don't agree. I also have another question. Would you rather stay in school and have more time for recess or would you instead like to go home and play on your Xbox?
Debate Round No. 2


I apologizefor the errors I am a bad typist. I'll try harder with that.
In my opinion that question is irrelevant because in the scenario im speaking about after they shortened the childrens only time outside during the day (and it truly is their only time outsude because if how horrible US public schools are. They are so concerned with standardized tests that the kids have and unreasonable amount of homework) thelemgth of the school day was exactly the same, regardless if the time children had for recess.
As I cited in my last argument, studues have shiwn children do indeed behave better when alliwed more free time during tge school day. It also works to help their cognative function:
"When a human sits for longer than about 20 minutes, the physiology of the brain and body changes. Gravity begins to pool blood into the hamstrings, robbing the brain of needed oxygen and glucose, or brain fuel. The brain essentially just falls asleep when we sit for too long. Moving and being active stimulates the neurons that fire in the brain. When you are sitting, those neurons don't fire."
The same article also explains how morr outdoor time also helps reduce nearsightedness.

So if the length of the school day stayed the same, which it would according to fluxuations in childrens recess time that have occured in the same school district in the past, and with the added behaivior,cognative and health benefits, U dont see why we shouldnt give them more than ten minutes to play outside. That is a ridiculously short amount of time.
And honestly from what I saw of my own childhood and my brothers class, the vast majority of children are not bored at recess. For most it is their favorite time of day.


I am pretty sure that it is the most favourite time of the school as it is mine too but still most people just want the school to end so that they can return home. This is why think if recess ends quicker they can go home quicker. If it is not 5 mins long maybe 10 mins, but I think it should be shorter as it promotes violence and bullying because of the time.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Stefy 2 years ago
Did I really make so many errors that you couldn't understand it? D:
Sorry v
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