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Should food culture be included to general education as a subject?

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Started: 5/27/2013 Category: Education
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1. Health
a) solve problems with obesity, anorexia, bulimia. will lead to healthy eating.
b) we will know how to cook heathy meals.


We don't need food culture as a subject in our schools there already is Health class which does teach about what is good and bad to eat. Food culture is also about food in other cultures which many cultures have bad foods. Like Philadelphia and the Philly cheese steak, or the South and deep frying, Midwest and the Deep dish pizza. If you look at outside cultures as well Chinese food has unhealthy cooking styles for food or Central America and the unhealthy cooking mixtures.

Teaching someone to cook won't stop obesity and other eating problems, teaching someone to eat the right things does like Health Class does.
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Ms.Independent777 forfeited this round.
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Posted by Corridon 5 years ago
Ha ha ha, no. I say abolish the general education. Since the 1900s, education standards have been going down. Even though the literacy rate is higher, Western Civilization has lost 14 IQ Points. Why is this? We can easily point to the public schools. Mandatory school attendance has forced down the standards of classrooms, holding back children who are smarter, have potential, or a desire for learning. The abolishing of Public Schools, and the lowering of taxes on Private Schools, will sharply bring down the tuition prices for Private Schools and Home School Curriculums (Which are already very cheap). Also, it will allow kids who don't want a part of the system to opt out, and work on their own trade. This will give us cheaper education solutions, better curriculums, and raised standards.
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