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Should foreign language classes begin in kindergarten?

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Started: 2/5/2013 Category: Education
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Foreign languages should be taught at young age, because it is easiest for their brains to absorb a new language. The age of kindergarten is the best to be fluent in the foreign language. The kindergarten children are young and still learning their own native language, they can make connections with the new words and phrases of the foreign language.


Foreign language classes should not begin at kindergarten. First, I wouldn't want to teach a second language to a kid who barely mastered a first language. Then, you would need to hire teachers that specialize in teaching foreign language. Now, that might be easy, but all teachers who teach second languages do not have a kindergarten teacher certification. Then, those teachers would have to work extra hard to accommodate the wants of our society. Then, this could lead to more budget cuts, because teachers with fluency in two or more languages get paid more. Not, only that, but then the state would have to re-create a book that teaches foreign language to kindergartens. Then, with the already low funding schools receive, we could spiral into more debt. It is not worth the sacrifice.
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Reasons for voting decision: What an annoying debate. Maybe put an extra round in next time. I thought con's arguments were silly, but they weren't rebutted. But how could they be with just one round? So I really couldn't call it either way.