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Should fruit rollups be able communicate woth dolphins?

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Started: 5/1/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Acceptance round
i accept


i accept...
Debate Round No. 1


They should because then they can be able to talk to each other. They could have friendly conversations. This is like the should African Americans beable t talk to Europeans crap. Of course they should be able to talk.


Let's pretend that fruit rollups and dolphins were able to communicate.

First of all, the two would have different languages. The fruit rollups would speak rollaniesian, and dolphins would speak dolphinish. Imagine some speaking French to a person who only knows Russian. That would be a problem.

Pro's most recent argument states, "They should [be able to communicate] because they would be able to talk to each other."

This is simply saying "they should talk because they should talk." You should never define something by repeating the thing that you are defining. This is considered circular reasoning.

I will state more reasons in my upcoming arguments.

Vote for CON!
Debate Round No. 2


What if the dolphin needs the fruitrollup's help? What woud happen then?
And the dolphin could learn whatever language the fruitrolup speaks.


If a dolphin needs a fruit-rollup's help, they would simply ask a fruit-rollographer, who would then tell the fruit roll-ups where the help is needed. But let me ask you this. Why would a dolphin need help from a fruit-rollup?

Also, pro never addressed my previous argument: that she never really explained why the two very different species should communicate.

Don't forget to vote for CON!!!
Debate Round No. 3


Wel, con, the two species need to communicate. Say a fruitrollup is in a dolphin's territory, and the dolphin wants it out, the dolphin could do an action that warns all animals it needs its space. If the fruitrollup gets in the dophins space, then if it can't communicate with the dolphin, then how willl it know the dolhin needs its space?
And to answer your question, yes there are aquatic fruitrollups.

Here is how some other species communicate to each other:


Wouldn't a Fruit Rollup have a horrible accent with that really large tongue?-- Credit to TheAntidoter

Imagine what would happen if the dolphin's father saw the dolphin talking to a fruit rollup. The dolphins would be grounded... and you don't what the dolphin to get "grounded" do you?

these are dolphins that got grounded... its so sad that i just dont want this happening anymore, im really glad they weren't grounded too long... these are just the lucky ones
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Chunkopher 4 years ago
Can we has well grammar?
Posted by TheAntidoter 4 years ago
Wouldn't a Fruit Rollup have a horrible accent with that really large tongue?
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Reasons for voting decision: A inanimate object shouldn't be able to talk.