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Should high school seniors be treated like adults?

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Started: 5/19/2016 Category: Education
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High school teachers should be treat seniors in high school like adults. 18 year olds can drink in most countries legally, vote in elections, smoke cigars legally, but yet they can't go to the bathroom during classtime without asking the teacher for permission, and have to sit in an assigned seat.


I accept.

I am glad my opponent chose to debate this topic to hopefully bring more clarity to the universe one debate at a time.

I am going to argue that no they should not be considered adults. I have several reasons why and responses to your points.

First responses to your points.

You are off topic with your own resolution. Your resolution you wrote states, "Should high school seniors be treated like adults?" The way you phrased this, you implied that all high school seniors should be treated like adults. Bearing that in mind, your points that some 18 year olds can drink, vote, smoke cigars legally, and still can't go to the bathroom during classtime are dealing with different groups. Your last one is dealing with American seniors. Should they be treated like adults? Some of them are quite stupid to be honest, I have met some of the numbskulls that think they know everything about this life who are seniors. So those people have maturity level on par with kids, and you are suggesting we treat them like adults. Now, your points on voting also cover American seniors. I think it covers British people as well. Not sure who else. Don't care too much. Because the same concept applies.

How does being able to vote qualify you as mature? Older adults in Brasil have elected in a government that is highly corrupt, and we treat them with maturity and respect. Yet we do not do so for their votes, but because they are older adults past their 30s. Now same applies for drinking. The website MADD is a help site for people who had family members who were victims of underaged drunk driving []. The epidemic of drunk drivers who are irresponsible teenagers, including high school seniors, is large. It is resulting in many victims. This serious immaturity of drink should disqualify us from treating anyone under 21 as mature in the eyes of alcohol. The reason America drinks at 21, is because that is the age it makes the most sense to drink at, because control comes better then.

Finally, smoking does not qualify one as an adult. 12 year olds smoke cigars in some parts of the world. Are they adults?

Also, some company executives dictate to their employees when the bathroom break is. Those employees are adults. So why is being told to go the bathroom by a superior a childlike thing. It does not define whether you are an adult or not if you are 18.

So what does define whether we should treat seniors like adults? Two arguments.

1. A definition of adult.

Merriam Webster defines adult as "fully grown and developed" []. Now if you search 18 year olds pictures and look at them, not all of those people are fully developed by 18. The age that generally all bodily features fully develop, is by 25 at the latest. So really once someone passes 25, they ought to be considered adult by this definition. So my definition stands over yours because it is the only one presented.

2. Maturity.

Let's discuss this a bit. Are 18 year olds really mature? Once again Merriam Webster defines mature as "having reached a final or desired state" []. The implication here is that the 18 year old must be in their final or desired state on life and where they stand in it to be mature. So if one cannot decide their path in life yet. One is not fully mature. If one is not fully mature, then one is not fully adult. I would not consider myself an adult yet under this definition because I am 18 and do not entirely know what to do with my life yet. So clearly, the point make sense.

With these points, I eagerly await my opponents response.

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Debate Round No. 3
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