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Should high schoolers get suspended for talking in class unless the teacher gives them the okay to?

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Started: 3/4/2016 Category: Education
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Teenagers today, especially the freshmen teens that aren't as stressed as others are now having trouble understanding when they are allowed to talk or not. This is distilling fear into a lot of good teenagers out there and unfortunately, high schools across the 50 states are not doing enough to combat this serial con.


You should not suspend any high schooler who talks in class.
You will be having some of them miss 90% of the school year.
You will most likely have more than half of kids suspended from any school at any given time.

This is literally fascism. Its an authoritarian system of social organization.
I understand the point of view, its better when kids are obedient and stay in line without questioning authority, although I find it difficult to understand any reasons that are not completely authoritarian to support that.

In any case, this will not get kids to stay in line and shut up.
All this would do is mean that a teacher literally has the ability to call anyone out on talking to their friend or whatever and suspend them to the point where they miss so much they have to repeat a grade 10 times or more.
You can't get people to be completely obedient subjects and stay in line across the world, maybe in a fascist country for example people are forced to not express their opinions or else they are punished.
However for the majority of the world you can not get all kids to shut up and stay in line unless given permission by the dictator also known as the "teacher."

Half or more of kids will most likely fail whatever grade just because they say a word in class, or maybe they shout out an answer to a question without raising their hand to get permission from the dictator/teacher, and then they have to lose a week or 2 days of school or whatever.
Literally you could have 25 year old kids in their 3rd year of high school because they sometimes say a sentence without permission from the dictator/teacher/almighty ruler of fascism.

What good will fear tactics do, I don't know maybe its proven that this makes kids grades go up.
But realistically at least I don't think it takes that much cognitive reasoning to realize that that just won't happen, people like to talk, especially when they're 17, and making a teacher into more of a dictator will mean they will probably have to teach to classes of 5 students who did not get suspended.
Debate Round No. 1


[Con] Well you're right that it is fascism but it's wrong to portray the adults as dictators as their job is to teach the class. Kids who are talking will only prevent that from happening, and therefore, 2/5 chance there will be the occasion that good kids are now failing because they cannot get through the lesson.

Trust me [Con]. I've been through a myriad of troubles since middle school, and I sincerely think that teachers should just kick the naughty students out of the class or detentions, but,

on the other hand, kids being kids are going to become more rebellious over every time they get punished for talking.

I'm not just blaming kids for the talking, I am blaming the lack of discipline in schools. As much as teachers try on their own to discipline the kids by the means of yellmageddons (raising your voice to what's considered a deafening level), and anti-defiancy gestures, they aren't getting far. This I have to tell you is a big problem. Because kids aren't being disciplined enough today, they will go out into the workforce thinking they can do whatever da' fudge they wanna do. And ain't nobody gonna give a dog poo. Ask any employer. They'll fire those disobedient kids right on the spot.

I'm not saying kids should get suspended for every single occurrence, but, suspensions after multiple scenarios of misbehavior may help a little bit.


They are dictators if what you propose happens. They literally have the ability to say any student was talking, and they can not question that decision since the teacher has the ultimate say with this. That is fascism, and that is authoritarian. Kids who talk will always talk, whether the teacher decides to suspend them 100 times or not. Precisely you point out one of the problems with your point when you say that good kids will be failing. This is literally this, if a student in lets say math class talks to another student because it is their personality they could just be suspended over and over again, lets say they are in their last year, they could literally have to repeat their senior year because they have a social personality. Lets be honest that is not only completely counter productive and ridiculously authoritarian, but stupid.

Okay I am trusting you right now, and you believe conviction that teachers should suspend students... okay... and, where is your evidence that actually produces the results you are vying for, which is allowing teachers to teach a more effective class and make students get in line and shut up and be obedient subjects, there is none, I already said why that would be counter productive.

Okay kids being kids are going to get more rebellious over every time they get punished for talking, okay they get more rebellious IF they are punished, but that is exactly what you are vying for, you are trying to give extremely harsh ridiculous punishment, that will only make them more rebellious by your own logic.

Okay so apparently if you make kids fail grades for too many suspensions for having a social personality as you propose, they become better workers. Okay... any evidence that making kids get in line and shut up makes them more responsible if they decide yo join the work force. I expect at the end of the next round I will still be hearing crickets. Look this is a ridiculous claim, if a ridiculous claim has no backing then it is nothing more than a ridiculous claim.

"I'm not saying kids should get suspended for every single occurrence, but, suspensions after multiple scenarios of misbehavior may help a little bit."
A couple problems with this

A. What does misbehavior mean here. You do not tell us what counts as misbehavior, so we could just assume you mean talking/having a social personality I guess.
B.When you say it may help a little bit, you forget the burden of proof is on you, this is a claim that you are trying to prove, and you even say you are just speculating/assuming so yeah 0 backing for your claim, and you provide no real reasoning.
C. wait up, what is the title to this debate, "should high schoolers get suspended for talking in class unless the teacher gives them the okay to?" Actually you are saying that they should get suspensions every time they talk if they did not get permission from the teacher/dictator/ruler of the school fascism board you can not say know that you only means it should happen sometimes. In the title of your debate, you took pro, saying that you believe that they SHOULD be suspended for talking in class without permission. Since you did not provide any context to this, you did in fact go to a more moderate stance right here. This gives up pretty much all of your argument so far.
D. Suspending kids for having social personalities is still ridiculously stupid.
Debate Round No. 2


technicalboy3000 forfeited this round.


Hahaha do you concede that fascism is not the answer?
Debate Round No. 3


technicalboy3000 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


technicalboy3000 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by SpentBrass 2 years ago
I say schools are already becoming similar to prisons, we don't need discipline!
Posted by SpentBrass 2 years ago
I say schools are already becoming similar to prisons, we don't need discipline!
Posted by SocialDemocrat 2 years ago
Why is it in your comments.
Posted by technicalboy3000 2 years ago
I think it shall happen. Kids talking is a distraction to the lesson AND is a distraction to other kids trying to learn something. I'm not saying that it should be a graduation requirement for obedience but I just hope one day that schools will take into consideration the real problems of talking in class when kids are not supposed to.

On the other hand, I can't say kids should get suspended because then they will become even more rebellious after the suspension so, nothing is going to work. As laws get harder on adults, they will have less disciplinary choices to use on the disobedient kids.
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