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Should homework be banned

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Started: 10/29/2014 Category: Society
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Homework sucks, I believe the work we do should stay at school, not come home


Though homework is a pain it does have use. Like if you have math homework, it's just practice. If homework was banned then you would just be learning at school and then going home and getting on a phone, game console, computer, etc. the reason we are given homework is not to annoy us but to help us. "Practice makes perfect". How are we to pass our classes or know what's being taught in class if we do not get homework? It's just extra practice
Debate Round No. 1


Homework is something that should be left at school, we learn and pay for an education at school not at home. If we needed to have any homework of a sort we study, that must be left into everybodies responsibility not the teachers. Not everyone goes home to their devices, I knows alot of teenagers do but what is the point of doing homework when we have an outside life besides school.
Some kids doing their homework might not have a computer at home to do it, by not being able to complete it the child is then punished for something they can't help. A lot of children are busy anyway, some kids have a hard life where they have to look after younger siblings or extra curricular activities out side of school.
We have 6 hours a day do do work, why does it have to come home?


You're bringing in "baggage" (I guess that's how I'd word it) into this debate. No teenager should have to watch younger siblings and if they do, they should decides it not be forced to. Homework is very important even if it's not fun at all. Obviously nobody likes homework but it has to be done. Homework shows us that some assignments have to be in on time and if not you don't pass/get a zero/etc. It's true not all teenagers get on their phones as soon as they get home, majority of them do and experiences show that majority wins. Education is very important , homework is just apart of that. There are honestly more important matters in the world then banned homework honestly and we probably wouldn't know that if we didn't get homework. In my math class, all homework is study for tests. So saying homework should be banned is like saying tests shouldn't be allowed either because you have to study at home too.
Debate Round No. 2


Homework is something that a lot of kids can't do, some don't have the resources at home to do them, so when they doing do it they get a detentions of some sort just because they couldn't do it. Not every kid that doesn't do homework fails, it doesn't mean test have to be banned, it's just not fair on a lot of kids that aren't eligible to do it at home. Saying homework should be banned isn't saying test should be too it's just not fair on a child's life, if you study you study, every kid has the choice to do it or not but when it comes to homework no kid has a choice to do it or not.
I know that in my class a lot of kids do not complete their homework due to them not being able to have access to any resources at their home.

Homework isn't a necessity of education, we go to school for 6 hours a day and then have to come home for more, I don't believe it is fair, a lot of kids don't learn anything from homework as a lot try not to do it cause it's our own time. Homework doesn't show that assignment have to be handed in on times it just shows that we have to do extra homework outside of school and have to put our extra curricular activities to the side. I personally could not go out during the day with my Family because the homework tasks that was set for me was due that week and if it was handed in late I would have got a detention.

Homework is something no kid enjoys and is placed into our personal lives. So we have 6 hours a day of learning then we have to come home to homework, I don't believe it is fair. Homework should be banned because it's something that is not really necessary, depending on what it is. Studying is different to homework unless you are asked to study as homework, every kid has the choice to study or not, some kids may not be able to, some kids might not have to and some kids just choose not to do it.

Homework should be banned!


Most teacher (at least at my school) are very lenient about homework. One of my friends doesn't have Internet at home all of our assignments on the Internet so she just talk to the teacher about handing it in a little later when she can. You're honestly just making excuses for kids not to do homework. As teenagers we don't really have an important social life we only care about being popular and that's what it's all about. Not being able to go out on your family is another thing that they should understand and work around your homework schedule. We are also being shown how to meet deadlines. Like say you're a lawyer you have to read a case for you have to go defend that person, if you don't read the case you have no clue how to do or what you're defending. Why because you didn't do your 'homework' as a lawyer. Why didn't you do it? Because you 'have a life' or 'have a important social meeting'. We are just being taught life skills through homework.

I will admit that some homework assignments are ridiculous in either the assignment itself or when it's supposed to be due. But if you section it out, in even proportions (or however you want to divide it), it can be done. But there's a difference between actually having a problem or just wanting more time to do nothing to construct you to the world. Doing homework will get you ready for life in many different ways (because of the subject). And as you get older your job could influence country's economy or on a bigger scale the whole world.

Honestly it comes down to priorities if you want to be one of those people whose life revolves around what they did in high school, go right ahead but some people actually want to do things with there life. There so much bad going on in the world that need to be changed and because where the next-generation we need to open our eyes and learn all we can. Even if that means bringing it home with us.

I believe that homework shouldn't be banned because of the fact that we need to understand and know about the world, whether it be math, history, all the new literature or current events are all important and take more than six hours a day for weeks on end to learn about. Teachers don't give us homework to do you mean they do it to help us in the long run, so if you can take a step back and look at the bigger picture and look at all of it not just what you want to see
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jrcjrc1323 3 years ago
if you need practice then why does everyone else have to practice just because you suck
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Reasons for voting decision: Whilst pro had better spelling and grammar, con won the debate with this sentence: 'One of my friends doesn't have Internet at home all of our assignments on the Internet so she just talk to the teacher about handing it in a little later when she can.' There is no school-attending child who is unable to do homework. If you can do the work at school, you can do it at home. Haven't got a computer or internet at home? Great, then do it on the school computers during your break-time or lunch-time. Don't have computers in school? (This doesn't happen btw) Then go down to a library and do it there. Pro is, as con pointed out, just making excuses and doesn't back up his argument with any real points that con doesn't rebut well.