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Should immigration in the UK be more selective?

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Started: 1/22/2014 Category: Politics
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Immigration should be more selective in the UK because people come here for the free healthcare and benefits, and don't give anything back to the country. These should be controlled so that people that really need to come here, to escape danger and have a better life, have places to live and can claim benefits if they really need them and are willing to get a job and contribute to the country when they can.


Can you please provide proof of said statement '"people come here for the free health care and benefits, and don't give anything back to the country." Free health care is not a new idea and many countries have adopted the idea recently or are trying to. Are you suggesting that people solely come to the UK so they can injure themselves as often as they please under protection of Health care, while avoiding jobs and every day costs ?
You are quite vague in your reasoning. IF immigration in the UK was limited, what would be the terms ? How would you determine that someone is indeed 'fit' for the country and how would you turn people away? I see your proposed method becoming very congested as we battle for racial rights, religious rights, sexism etc so forth.
It leaves too many open doors and unanswered questions. It would be almost impossible to verify if any immigrant is going to "contribute to the country" in a way that you personally see fit. It is also quite naive to suggest that people can enter the country and in no way contribute to it. Based on what you have said I see no real reason to alter UK immigration laws or anything directly related to the immigration of people into the country.
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