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Should kids have jobs

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Started: 5/1/2015 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe kids should have the opportunity to get jobs


Hello!!!!!!!! This looks like a good debate!!!!

Kids Should NOT have jobs, because they should focus on studies, that way they can get better full time jobs as an adult. A part time job distracts from studies. Kids are sitting behind the counter at KFC, not studying for a more successful high paying job. It may give you money, but it also takes money away in the long run. Kids are getting payed minimum wage for a job when they should be studying hard and getting good grades that way they can get a high paying job. Or, a full time job that gives you a slight bit more than minimum wage
Debate Round No. 1


Kids could work during the holidays. It would give kids the opportunity to buy what they want. When I say kids mean 10-13 year old. They learn responsibility and give parents time to have alone time.


kids are not responsible enough to work. they struggle with general chores. imagine how bad they would be at working! It would also make a lot less jobs. australia's unenployment rate has raised.with more people in the comp, they could take some persons job, who is trying to fund there family, vs some 12 year old who can't afford a pair of pink slippers
Debate Round No. 2


I know a few children can handle responsibility and most can't so the few responsible children get the opportunity to earn money. If the work hires a child and the child is being Imiture and they will get fired. They will learn responsibility if they want to keep their job..


Imagine. You are a 11 year old, and you just got hired for a part time summer job, stacking shelves or packing groceries. Then, your friends walk in. You try everything to impress them, you show them your shiny badge and apron with your name. But what impresses them the most? Your employees discount. And, how you can leave the shop without going through the scanner. They instantly ask for 'free' stuff. That's why Tweens shouldn't have jobs.

Now, let's break the topic down. Should.Kids: a young, immature being. Have: own, belong. Job: an paid task, activity or chore. Should young immature beings own a paid task, activity or chore. No.

Kids love to impress. And, now is the perfect time. Jimmy wanted a pair of pink slippers? Well, my boss isn't looking. Happy birthday jimmy. Simple as that. They are left responsible (and yet they aren't responsible. Quite ironic) for goods, or a task. Do you trust these children? So why should anyone else?

You said before about only giving the good a job. Well, young children are quite sensitive. If you refuse them because of a couple of bad grades,or maybe a little cat fight, the will be devastated!!!
Debate Round No. 3


That devastation of being fired for grades will help them improve their grades if they really want to keep their job. I don't have much more info


Only one more round to go!! (What you do if you don't have info,you just summarise your arguments, I won't rebut!)

Children should not have jobs, because there would be less jobs available to adults, who are paying for a family!!!!

Here's the visual again! 😂
So, you are an adult. And you apply for a part time job at, say, Target. Your competition is a couple of teens more worried about texting, a middle aged, sweet woman that's lived her whole life on the dole, and a spoilt little twelve year old, who just wants some money to wave around to control her friends with. Now, would they give it to the teen? No!! The twelve year old would be on a VERY minimum wage of $8 dollars an hour, and that would cost less. So bam!! Teens without cars. Another person on the dole that the tax payers have to afford. And, you are also going broke. You have a child, whinging, with bones sticking out because they gave a job to a 'twelvie' who just wanted I own money. Not spend it.

Do I need to say more?

For the next round, I'm also just going to summarise, so don't worry too much!!!)
Debate Round No. 4


jaime1729 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by SyNeal47 3 years ago
Children should have jobs while in schools. There are great benefits to children holding a job while they are in college. It teaches responsibility and instills work ethics that can"t be taught in the classroom. As an adult working and in college, I have to juggle several roles. It is my time as a student worker that prepared me for this moment. I agree that college is a job, however, it such a reward when someone can earn a paycheck to purchase the things they is wanted. Some children do not have the luxury of not working, and do very well. As a parent, I am appreciative of the hard work that my child has done, while attending college. It is a good thing to be a part of the workforce at an early age. It creates a sense of pride as contributing citizens. I believe children will save more with the dollars they earn.
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Reasons for voting decision: An interesting subject, but Pro didn't debate. Sources: None. Language: Ok. Conduct: ff. So tied so far. Arguments: Pro said kids would learn responsibility, Con argued that they can't. This was Pro's strongest argument but Con wins this argument because Pro didn't defend it. Pro argues that kids will make money, Con countered that it will impact the economy and that it will hurt their future earnings. This is Con's strongest argument. Con wins. Pro says it gives parents time off. Pro wins here. I think this is enough. I vote Con.