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Should kids have more rights at school

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Started: 10/22/2014 Category: People
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I think kids should have more right at school because basically the adults at the school have full control and the kids never get to have a lot of say. If kids got a say then maybe kids will be a little happier about going to school. If kids had a rights at school they would be able to do stuff like change lunch period time. Increase lunch time etc.


I think kids should not have rights that put them too in control of their own lives before they become adults (that age is a different debate).

I feel it important that people learn to be good followers before they can even remotely be good leaders.

Children also will lose focus on the things they are being taught if in charge of their own schedules. Ive never once heard a child propose to the student council that a social studied and proven timeline for class structure be implemented because it's the best and most efficient way for the largest majority of students to learn. (yes 4x4 block scheduling has been studied before adoption ... as an example)
They instead ask for things like you mentioned.

Also, it is not in the best interest of a publicly funded institution to be run by non tax payers. Children are benefitting from the time and effort (years of labor exceeding even the Childs age). There are improvements in place that took years to develop. There is a curriculum and level of education standard that cannot be obtained in the timeframe set if every student was afforded the ability to run their lives as a social experiment to learn those lessons the longer harder way.

Plain and simple ... kids are standing on the shoulders of giants. They attain better lives and we a better society by affording this opportunity to them at a higher efficiency than a kid could conceive.
Debate Round No. 1


I understand what your saying but kids have no rights in school. They should have rights like choosing there schedule so they can be with friends in classes like art and gym. I know they might be desratcted by each other but in gym class when your playing a game you need team work and usally team work is better when your with somebody you are close to. I never said that the kids would take full control they would have small rights.


There are still only so many gym classes there. Some will get what they want and be with the people they want ... others will be assed out. Its more fair this way. It forces them to cooperate in a group of strangers ... which is real world skills at its finest.

Another thing I'd say is if you ever did afford that opportunity to students, it should be a privilege not a right.

Yet another point ill bring up is the present day movement towards ridding schools of recess or gym classes period. While ill say I don't necessarily support that movement, it seems to support what I stated earlier about investing in the subjects that would otherwise not be able to be taught in that timeframe (high level math, science, and literature). Kids will always find time for physical ed or whatever friend time outside of school.

Again I don't fully support doing away with it. But I have to admit phys ed classes were always the biggest waste of time of the bunch and led by a particular caliber of staff (if you catch my drift). It is the weakest link in a process that is set in an increasingly dwindling timeframe.

You know some of the flaws behind college (and even needing it in the first place) derive in part from this very topic. College students are often able to research and choose a teacher for a class. The fact that higher level learning is required also shows we aren't fitting enough into the public schooling as is needed. The working worlds needs are surpassing the product of our education system ... hence people being stuck in their social class ... lower growth.

An ineffective education system is going to harm you, your children, and their children for years to come. A few more minutes with friends in gym or lunch seems hardly worth it.
Debate Round No. 2


I still think that kids should have right as i said before they would not be taking over the whole schooling only little bits like scheduling . As a student now this year i am not with many of my friends and if i could change that then i would i almost had a chance to probably make that happen. So there for i think kids should have some rights as kids because it could be training for real life situations.


Again, it might be alright for some (maybe even help in their education), but it would only be taking away time from the more difficult programs. Some learning programs (like Math for example) need a tiered structure that is followed in a manner that opens students to the ideas of the next tier progressively. Your capability to reach a higher level math is greatly hindered if you were to have the right to make your own schedule and decide to skip math for a semester. Im not saying this applies to everyone ... but the vast majority. (to clarify in fact, im using public schooling as the standard for all of this discussion. If you think your private schooled kids have the discipline already to give them control ... this idea of yours may work out just fine)

To best satisfy the education requirements for public schooled children, in an attempt to keep them on par with businesses demands, tech demands, and give them the basic tools they'd need to live happy productive lives, we must run the education system as efficiently as time and funds dictates. Every child cannot run their life as a social experiment and hope to stay on par with ones who took clean advantage of a system set up for their success.

I guess my parting thought to those who didn't want to read the whole of this argument is: Our society is able to stretch farther beyond the normal capabilities of a human armed with nothing but common sense because we are able to at least partially skip past the mistakes and lessons of our predecessors and focus our attention on the next iteration of those lessons.

Were there no structure like this ... you would be very limited in what you would be able to choose to do with the rest of your life. Higher level jobs and education would not exist in your reach. You would have traded a few extra minutes a day with friends for the toil of doing something you don't enjoy, stuck in a career you don't love, for the rest of your days.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's arguments: Giving students the freedom to choose their own schedule will make them happier. Con's arguments: Giving non disciplined children the opportunity to make their own schedules would result in less efficient learning. I vote Con because pro did not back up his/her argument. An opinion is not a debate.