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Should kids pray in school?

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Started: 2/20/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Children should pray in school no matter what adult tells them they can't. And they should not care if it offends someone. What if it offends someone that they can't share their beliefs? Why don't people care about that? It's because people want to get rid if religon and it's not fair.


Hello, thanks for posting this debate.

My argument against this is based on a number of premises.

Firstly, if children are told to not pray by adults:
Adults who are religious themselves
Adults with experience of managing schools
Adults who are responsible for creating public policies
What authority do you have for saying children should?

My second premise is of appropriateness.
Is it appropriate for public places such as schools to be treated as religious institutions?

If so, would it also be appropriate to apply this idea to all public places? Should we have people praying in libraries, shops and cinemas? What about halfway through job interviews?

Do we want to walk through streets with ears imprisoned by the sound of prayer chanted by all factions of global religion?
Debate Round No. 1


It doesn't matter where you pray. You can pray wherever you want. It is not fair if a parent walks up to a principal and says, "Hey, a kid is praying in school and I don't like it." It is not fair that schools are trying to get rid of God. God created everything and nobody can deny it. God is real. You can say by your locker, "Lord, please let me do well on this test." Kids should be able to pray wherever and whenever. It is not against the law, so children should be able to.


You state in your argument that:

"You can say by your locker, "Lord, please let me do well on this test".

Therefore, you seem to agree that people can and do pray in schools which seems to contradict your argument that you think people can't pray in schools.

Also, as you write, people can quietly or even mentally pray, without anyone noticing. So we must ask, how was the student praying for other students to have noticed and for parents to have complained, and how is it you would like students to pray if you already agree anyone can quietly pray next to lockers?

I agree, that people should be able to pray, personally, whenever and wherever they like. We can all pray, right now, in our minds if we so wish.

A prayer does not require an elaborate stage and performance. A prayer is personal. A prayer is between an individual and God.

By keeping these prayers personal, we can still pray whenever we alike, wherever we like, and without infringing upon others.
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