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Should kids under 18 be able to get tattoos?

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Started: 10/29/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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It's your life isn't it? It's your body right? This is exactly why kids should be able to get tattoos. After all what is life without mistakes, or how would you ever become mature without being independent with your choices? Tattoos may symbolize many things but, in this case they may play a big role in the blossoming of a young adult. Yes children should listen to their parents but, I believe that if It is your body you should be able to do with it what you please. It's just like getting a haircut and deciding what style you want. It's starting your own personality, or gaining a chapter of life, or even just growing into yourself. Tattoos can open a person's feelings and personality.
"Grow up and start learning from your mistakes", says most all parents at some point. How are you suppose to accomplish this without decisions to make? No, I'm not saying go out and go crazy ; however if you feel like a tattoo is a good choice don't be afraid to go for it. Even if it is a mistake you can still learn a lesson from it. You never know what your missing until you have tried it.
Most choices we make as young adults is what shapes us into the adults we will become. But, How do you sculpt something with no clay - how do you move forward with out making choices, learning, and growing?


At 16 years old kids now adays can drive, they have phones, and they can hang out with their friends, but they can not get a tattoo without their parents consent. Many people believe that this is a law that should not exist because "it is my body I can do what I want to". This law is actually most advantageous for many reasons.
First, at sixteen all kids still have to live in your parents house by law. Kids can not move out. If this is true then shouldn't parents be able to make the decision of a kid getting a tattoo? They already do everything else for them such as cleaning, clothing, and feeding them; therefore, the least kids today can do is obey what they say like do not get a tattoo. Parents know best and there are many reasons they don't want kids to get tattoos.
Next, tattoos are defileing. I understand people want to tattoo of a picture or quote to preserve a memory. In case you want to preserve something for eternity, don"t forget that you are not immortal.) Anything could happen: you can gain weight, or loose weight, or give birth, or simply regret it. The. It would become a wrinkled up picture that is barely able to be seen. Especially when the whole world is digital now and you have multiple sources of backing up your media. Getting a tattoo is just a bad idea.
There are many reasons not to get a tattoo underage. Your parents do everything for you, respect their judgement. It also defiles your body and leaves permanent mark you will regret. Do not get a tattoo.
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Reasons for voting decision: Both debaters presented good reasons for their stance. I would give Pro the edge due to better grammar and clear sentences.