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Should laptops be allowed in schools?

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Started: 3/21/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Should laptops be allowed in schools?
Ok so this is the first time I have done this so please don't judge.
Laptops have become a huge part of our lives. They have changed the world and continue to amaze us. From researching on something to messaging friends, we can do just about anything on them. So why should they be allowed in schools? Firstly, if we use laptops, the school won't have to pay for the books they get from abroad. They can use this money on other resources like tables, chairs, etc. Secondly, the students can research on information while writing an essay or research paper. This will make doing work faster and easier. Moreover, time at home can be spent doing other important work.

Many a times we hear students say that they left their work at home, etc. But the possibility of this can be wiped out if we have everything on laptops. We can save our work and edit anytime, anywhere. Some of you now might think that if the students can access the internet at school, then they might use it for other inappropriate purposes like going on Facebook and inappropriate sites. But this can easily be avoided if the school blocks those sites. My last point refers to the classrooms. Schools have computer labs instead of classrooms and with the increasing students in schools, there is a famine of classrooms. Most of the students already have laptops these days so making the computer labs into classrooms won't be a problem. That is all for now. Thank you.


Should laptops be allowed in school?
This is my first time as well :).

Laptops should not be allowed in school due to several major issues.

One reason is that if a student unknowingly gets a virus is may infect the teachers computer by plugging in a USB to the computer to display a presentation.

Another reason is that laptops can be very distracting. Students especially younger ones will have trouble focusing on what is to be done because they would be able to do anything they want on the computer.

Students might do assignments in class instead of actually learning.

Sorry for making this very short, I am a very direct person.
Debate Round No. 1


Should laptops be allowed in school? (continued)
As you stated above that a student may get a virus that may affect the teachers computer. Well the school should require students to download antivirus and create a safe internet server. Viruses may occur but it is very unlikely.

I agree with you that students may have trouble focusing on work. But this can is a matter of practise and to avoid this the teacher can go around checking every students work and grade it at the end of the class, on the amount of work they did. This will encourage students to do their work properly.
Thats all for now. Thanks for replying early.


Should laptops be allowed in school?

Requiring students to download an anti virus is like requiring vaccinations (I am not against vaccinations). Parents might not want to install an anti virus program for no apparent reason or they cannot afford it.

Another issue that would be a problem if laptops were allowed in school would be that poor students would be bullied for not having a $2,000 laptop and some people may not be able to afford a laptop at all.

You mentioned how students can practise to avoid not focusing on work. Well that may work but it is not very realistic. If the student can get away with browsing (in this case reddit) that student will continue to get away with it. Other students will see that he/she can get away with it so they will do the same.
Debate Round No. 2


Should laptops be allowed in school?
You stated in the first paragraph in round 2 that parents may not want to install anti-virus program on their child's laptop. Could you please rephrase that because I don't get the idea of what you are trying to say. Thanks.

Some people may not have the money to own laptops that is true. But I am talking about a school which is developed and which has students that can afford laptops (I am not talking about high end schools). And even if parents can't afford a laptop or don't allow the child to take it to school, the school could always provide them with a computer to work on, which could be located somewhere in the class.

I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say at paragraph 2 in the second round. As I stated earlier, the school can simply block the sites. This would also take time to practice and if the teachers start grading the work, they would have to complete their assignment.

In conclusion, I still think that laptops should be allowed in schools and they will help students when they get used to it. Thank you for debating. (Sorry for the bad grammar earlier)


Should laptops be allowed in school?
On round 2, first paragraph I meant some parents may not want to install anti virus programs (I personally know some)

Your 2nd paragraph stated how the school would give the student a computer. Well on round 1 paragraph 2, you said how students say that they left their homework at home and that problem would not happen if they had all their data on laptops. Well it would be very unlikely that the school would give the student a computer to bring home.

Students would still get bullied for being poor and have a cheap laptop or not one at all. Also bringing laptops to school puts in a whole new level of cyber bullying because students can look at eachothers screen for personal information.

Finally, laptops should not be allowed in school due to several reasons. Laptops can be very distracting, bullying would be a problem and some people would not be able to afford one.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by FlaouaPaoua 3 years ago
Well every student in my school gets a private MacBook air, and nobody has ever gotten a virus from what I know. What it has done, whatsoever, is putting every school work in one device. Now we don't need a single book. It is so much better this way.
Posted by cosecant 3 years ago
Original topic!
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's arguments had a few holes in them. An example being when he said "poor kids would get bullied for not being able to afford a $2,000 laptop." Pro never said the kids would have to buy their own laptops, or that laptops would have to be mandatory. In my own school, there's a separate program in which laptops are required, but in the normal courses, you can still bring a laptop to class and use it, it's just not mandatory. Pro countered this by saying that the school could provide laptops. Which is the case in some schools, where they provide each student with a Chromebook [low end laptop] for certain assignments.