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Should major part of Indian History be rewritten ?

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Started: 9/19/2015 Category: Society
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I'd like to start my argument with the proverb of Mr.Walter Benjamin "History is written by the victors". India has always been on the losing side for the past 800 Years. First it was the Islamic Conquest and then The European Colonization.
I'll give the grade wise historical misstatements/additions that needs needs to be addressed (Based on the CBSE Curriculum )

Class 6: Ancient Indian History
- Aryan Invasion theory
- South Indian Civilizations completely Ignored

Class 7: Medieval Indian History
- Why not discuss how the Non Muslims were persecuted , their temples destroyed, women raped and wealth plundered by the Invaders discussed ?
-Rise of Sikhism ?

Class 8: Modern Indian History
-Enough of the Gandhis and Nehrus, many freedom fighters are not even mentioned in the books
-The latest addition being Nehru being patriotic enough (sarcasm intended) to call Subash Chandra Bose as a War Criminal
-Tipu Sultan

PS. I've just addressed few of the historical misstatements which needs to be addressed


There are many instances in the past where, leaders rewrote the history of a conquered people in order to instigate change in the thoughts of future generations. George Orwell says “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” However, rewriting history as you suggested, points to a cycle of events that has no benefit for the characters of that particular part in history and I'll explain what that cycle is:

First, after a battle is won which defines the fate of a certain people, victorious generals and kings sit at the table and discuss ways to integrate their attack into the minds of men by making them believe that before their advent, they were inferior and the conquering of their people was a necessary step in the realm of progress. This is how they justify their actions, by saying let us show you the better way of life where as the people there were living with no problems prior to their coming! (Example: First Nations and Aboriginals of North America, etc...)

Second, once the population is subdued the conquerors take all as slaves and silence any form of opposition. As time goes on, collaborators arise among the people who show the newcomers how they lived life and what areas they might need improvements in. Through these actions, some people are able to see the benefits of their new leaders methods, while others slowly graduate the process of acceptance.

Third, fast forward several hundreds of years after the conquering and the people can see that almost every aspect of their lives have changed. Their environments, perception of life, access to resources, all of these things have changed. But the reason why I say every aspect of their lives have almost changed is because, people never forget who they are and who they were. They never forget the sacredness of the blood that runs through their veins. Through a deep appreciation of their heritage, which is automatically wired in every human mind, they can see that they are the representatives of their ancestors, and the embodiment of those who defended their land against the invaders. With this love of their own past, sympathizers arise and demand change in the way their forefathers were portrayed by the victors. Through this, a battle (verbal or physical) takes place where those who were once the conquerors now become the conquered and this action in itself is rewriting history

In conclusion, rewriting history now is no different than rewriting history then, making it pointless. What happened has happened, you shouldn't change it. It's the reminder of who you are that is important, and this goes for Indian or otherwise.

(Just wrote what came to my mind :))
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to give paragraph wise reply to your argument

Para 1:
Rewriting history does have benefits , when the history is fabricated. The Political system in the erstwhile Madras Presidency (now Tamil Nadu) is based on the Aryan Invasion theory. The evolution of the DK movement is based on Aryan Invasion, which considers the Priestly Class (Brahamins) as Aryans . Till date, there are attacks on Brahamins
Source :
Failure to remove the aryan Invasion theory (Which has no scientific evidence) can eradicate hate crimes. Moreover, the AIT was tactic used by the Europeans to divide the Indians on the basis of geography , which continues till date.

Para 2 & 3:
I totally agree with what you have said. It is the part of any conquest. So what's the purpose of it , when there are evidences to suggest otherwise ? Is it justifiable ? Should truth be suppressed for that ?
You are stating the procedure to distort history, whereas I'm against the entire idea.

Para 4:
If at all there is something which the Indian history gives Indians, it is Shame! Yes all of our achievements suppressed.
How many know that it was Chanakya who ended Alexander's Winning Streak?

Rewriting history is pointless? What happened has happened ?
I beg to differ.

India is globally known as a poor country with millions living in poverty. But does anyone know the reason behind it?
India was the Richest country up until the Islamic Invasion ( Source: Works of Angus Madison, British Economist in his treatise 'World Economy a Millennial Perspective" )

The devastating famines in India were artificially created by the British , where Millions perished
A list of famines :

How many know that the biggest holocaust in history is the Islamic Invasion of India? Why is this comfortably excused in history books whereas emphasis to Hitler given ?

Why hide all this?
I'd conclude by saying "There is no point in learning history which is distorted"


persianimmortal forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


The Indian history at a whole is totally interpolated to suit the Communist, Islamic and Vatican agenda, downplaying the reality. Young minds are being misguided thereby creating an intellectual poisoning which would lead to irreparable damage in the future.


persianimmortal forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by persianimmortal 2 years ago
I apologize but the historical events you mentioned must be individually touched on and I felt like i should answer it generally rather than going through the specifics simply for the lack of debate time :) My apologies once again
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