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Should marijuana be legalized?

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Started: 10/15/2013 Category: Health
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The point of marijuana being a gateway drug may be correct but so are cigarettes, beers, etc. these however are legal yet they do more damage than weed itself. Marijuana has been proved to help with many mental illnesses and has in cases prevented some physical. Marijuana kills cancer thriving cells and mellows temperaments causing less violence. If weed was legalized it would provide for a more stable country for those reasons. Marijuana unlike other drugs is non addictive, some say it is but that's only the feeling that is addictive. Another point in comparison to other drugs. There's not one report of marijuana overdose why is that? Because in order to do so one would have to smoke his/her entire body weight of said substance but before doing so its a guarantee that you'd pass out before even coming close to this point.

Now on to the Economic portion of this.
The legalization of marijuana would have many ups and downs on the economy but however the ups would eventually out weight the negatives.
I say this for the fact that if marijuana was legalized it would virtually stop drug trafficking of this certain drug. Don't get me wrong there's still the other more powerful and lethal drugs being used around the country but marijuana is one of the most common in this nation. Once again I come to the point about violence though. With lower crime rates comes lower fees and expenses and not forgetting less death caused by such ailments. Now you may argue that marijuana could lead children into a bad future but children have been raised in a country where drinking, smoking, and rubbing has been legal for years. I foresee no difference in success rates if marijuana was legalized.
Lets not forget the real economic reason for legalization though. By legalizing this said "drug" the economy in its self would be a whole lot better off than it is right now. From the taxes and trade of marijuana in a country that would most definitely use it to its advantage marijuana would lead the nation slowly at first first but eventually out of its "great recession".

Because of these reasons I must agree with the legalization of marijuana.


I work in a foundry, as a maintenance mechanic. Because of my job I am at an increased risk of injury at work. Impaired people increase my risk whether they are drunk or high, an impaired person increases the chance of injury on the job. My employer does pre-employment drug screening for drugs and every time anyone makes a mistake that causes injury or damage they are sent for a drug test. All a drug test can do is say if there is drugs in your system, they can"t say if you are high or not.

So what am I getting at here like me when you are around an impaired person your risk of injury goes up. We have laws against drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs, but there is no good test to objectively conclude if one is legally high in a similar manner to seeing if one is drunk.

To legalize pot without proper test to be able to see if one is high or not puts us all in danger.

As such it is my position that until we are able to measure THC levels in a way where we can establish legal definitions of high based on scientific data it would be imprudent to needlessly put our fellow humans at risk.

If we can fix some of the legal/law enforcement issues around the legalization of marijuana, I would be more than delighted to change my view, but as it stands legalizing pot put my coworkers and me at a greater risk of death or injury.

I ask that the voters take and weight the 2 sides as they are today. Legalizing pot may make for some rocking parties but is it worth the lives and limbs of someone like me? How about someone like you?
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