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Should medical cannabis be legalized?

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Started: 11/28/2014 Category: Health
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I will be arguing for the legalization of medical cannabis, and my opponent will be arguing against it. My opponent can start by either raising their arguments or accepting this round.

Argument max: 10,000 characters
Voting time: 1 month
Time to argue: 72 hours

Good luck to whoever accepts.


No! it should not be legalized
Debate Round No. 1


Why not? Evidence suggests that marijuana relaxes and can remove pain from cancer patients, among others. Here are the reasons, generally, why I believe medical marijuana should be legalized.

1) Medical marijuana relaxes and helps cancer patients, among other diseases. It can remove their pain and make it easier for them to recover. According to, there are more then 50 different diseases treatable. Marijuana is nothing more then a plant, and if it helps people, who are we to deny it to the sick?

2) Opium is used in medicine, most commonly for pain relief. (i.e, morphine) Opium, again, is just a plant. Medical marijuana has the same pain-relieving properties and is also a plant. If one is okay, why is medical marijuana not in some countries/states? Is it only because society has been force fed garbage that marijuana will kill you if you take one joint? Anything is bad in large amounts, and marijuana is better with its effects then alchohol or cigarettes, which can kill you and CAUSE cancer.

Do you want to know what the difference between cigarettes and pot joints are? One can help cancer patients, the other can CAUSE cancer patients. Sure, marijuana has been linked to causing cancer in large doses, but we're talking about MEDICINE here- prescriptions by professionals and NOT recreational drugs.


Who is to say the marijuana won't be use as a recreational drug. People could start to black market it more easily and plus they could grow some for medical uses and then sell some, or smoke it them self's for recreational use. Also their would be a possible growth in crime, high school drop out and deaths when legalized.

But also medical marijuana would start to be sold on the streets for a "pain killer". Probably at lower price then buying it when it is prescribed to you. This could lead to over doses of the medication and death.

Yes smoking a cigarette and alcohol do cause cancer but marijuana recreational used in large doses which is even more possible when legalized can cause cancer and with the increase crime it will cause even more deaths.
Debate Round No. 2


I'm afraid I don't agree. You see, if medical cannabis was legalized, as with many other drugs, you would be most likely be required to get a permit from the doctor before buying it. This would require the doctor to check up on them and make sure they NEEDED it before allowing them to buy it. If medical cannabis WAS legalized, it would be nearly impossible for people to steal it and grow it for themselves. As well as that, if they have cancer, I'm pretty sure they would have more on their minds then smoking weed for recreational purposes. When arguing, please keep in mind that we are talking about medical, professionally administered cannabis and not cannabis that you could just buy out of a vending machine or at your local pharmaceutical company as mere headache 'pills'.


Number one I never said if some one had cancer they would be smoking weed for recreational purposes. I said if permitted to uses medical marijuana by a doctor it would be sold at lower prices on the streets then buying it legally.

Number two when I said "they could grow some for medical uses and then sell some, or smoke it them self's for recreational use" I was talking from the growers view point not some one who has cancer. To now add to this, a person could steel a plant from the grower then sell that to some one else for recreational use.

Finally, you did not say any thing about the increase of crime, high school drop out and cancer patients it will create. In some parts of Alaska where medical marijuana has been legalized this has all ready happen, not to mention lots of recreational use to.
Debate Round No. 3


In reply to your argument of 'cancer rates and crime will go up', tobacco is already legalized. I've already explained how tobacco is worse, and is proven to cause cancer. If tobacco is worse, why can't marijuana, for MEDICAL purposes be legalized? Also, please cite your sources so I know you're not just making up your statistics.

Secondly, with the right control, no, nobody would 'steal a plant from the grower'. Thats ridiculous. Farms are protected in any event, and that includes the production and farming of marijuana. Opium needs to be farmed for medical uses, and you don't see any reports of crack, pot and drug addicts creeping over the fences and taking it by the handful. Same with the farmers themselves. You don't hear reports of opium being stolen by farmers, do you? Even if they did steal the cannabis for recreation, I don't see what the big deal is. Tobacco is linked to cancer far more then marijuana ever has been- all marijuana does is relax you. Sure, in big quantities it can turn you dumb, but too much of anything is a bad thing.

'Number one I never said if some one had cancer they would be smoking weed for recreational purposes.'

Yes, however cancer is a major disease that medical cannabis would be used to treat. By claiming it would be easier for them to get marijuana, you're pretty much implying that cancer patients or disease ridden people who need to get a permit from professionals before even being ISSUED the drug wish to smoke it for fun and not to slighten their pain. If opium is
already used in some medicines as a pain killer, why not marijuana? The painkilling effects are nearly exactly the same.

Con O what did you say. Yes it is highly unlikely for the grower to take it and smoke it them self's but this does prove it is possible for people to steal it,and this also proves that people could sell medical marijuana on the streets to poor people with cancer for cheap prices. Plus the to teens that just want to over does on it for fun. You also forgot the possible increase of high school drop outs and with my new evidence crime. With all of this we could be killing more people then saving them.

Second I never implied that cancer patient or people with disease who need to get a permit from professional before even being issued the drug wish to smoke it for fun not to slighted their pain. That would be dumb, read what I have said over again and you will see your mistake. Opium might be all ready used in some drugs but it's not smoked like weed at all. PLUS with more marijuana their is a bigger chance of their being more deaths with it then opium. To add to that if opium is just as good as marijuana which you have basically said why not just use opium instead with a lower risk in crime , high school drop outs and death.

Finally I will use this against you did you know that with the help of sharks and naked mole rats they can help us finally get rid of cancer. Search both of these up Shark blood antibodies - Cancer research - This Blue " and when this fully in force medical marijuana will no longer be needed
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by imnotacop 2 years ago
On a federal level, no. it is decriminalized on some state levels, and, even more rare, legalized, but there is still a war on drugs.
Posted by Commondebator 2 years ago
Its already legal right?
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