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Should middle school students be able to have lunch outside?

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Started: 10/18/2015 Category: Education
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Hi my name is Shailyn, and im doing a school project on which students in middle school should be able to eat out side. I believe they should.My first reason is if the schools let their students eat outside or inside they will be refreshed by the end of lunch because they will get to go outside and talk to their friends. My second reason is at my middle school they have a big paved area right outside the cafeteria where they have nothing there if they put lunch tables out there it would take that space up and in the morning everybody could sit before the first bell. My project will depend on this debate , so thank you!


Hi Shailyn.

That's a very interesting topic you got there. Personally I don't see why students shouldn't be allowed to eat outside the school building, but oh well, for the sake of debate let's have one.

One- Eating in the open always invites the chance of contamination. Dust and germs from the air could settle on your food -chances of this are relatively more in the open.
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