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Should minimum wage be raised to $15.00 an hour?

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Started: 6/29/2016 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Employees who are paid minimum wage (which currently on average is 7.25) are asking for a raise. But, not just any kind of raise. They want the pay to be increased to $15 dollars an hour. Now an E.M.T(who is trained to save lives) is only paid roughly $14 an hour. So, tell me how a person who flips burgers should get paid more than a person who has a human life on their hands? The minimum wage receivers claim, "We do to much." And, "It's not a livable wage." Although, it may not be a wage where you can afford the newest iPhone, it still buys food. Plus, if they wanted more money they should have furthered their education. Honestly, a person who works their butt off to get the right qualifications just to get a job should not be paid less or the same amount as someone who just walks into a McDonald's and hands in a r"sum". Also, do they not know how the economy works? With pay raises comes price increase for things like, food, clothes, and other things. They would be in the same boat again, asking for another pay raise. Fast food jobs are for high school kids. Not a 32 year old, raising 5 kids. What do you think?


The argument for higher wages isn't necessarily contingent on what we "feel" a doctor or EMT should get relative to a McDonald's employee. The argument for higher wages is predicated on the idea that we can substantially improve the well-begin of those at the lower end of the income spectrum with MINIMAL negative effects. The positive outcomes from raising the minimum wage far outweigh the negatives, namely, a large increase in aggregate demand for industries reliant on discretionary spending (which by the way is EVERYONE) and a small decrease in the demand for the labor itself. To put it simply, if we can raise the wages by 50%, and suffer only 2% inflation and 1-3% increase in mainly youth unemployment, why wouldn't raise it? If that means that they now make as much as EMT's, great! I don't see how people making more money, regardless of their occupation is necessarily a bad thing. Also, the EMT's themselves still reserve the right to negotiate the wages they work at as well. If EMT's no longer feel like working for 15/hr is worth it because that's what "lower" occupations now make, they can simply not take the job at that rate, which will create shortages of EMT's. Thus, in order for hospitals to hire enough EMT's they will have to raise their wages as well. It's a win win situation that everyone benefits from.
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Posted by RusticWisconsin 2 years ago
I agree I believe that an EMT or doctor should get a raise before anyone else, they save lives and McDonalds employees make food.
Posted by theobjectiveobjective 2 years ago
interesting topic. I'll be following. Unfortunately, I'm not able to vote yet.
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