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Should mobile phones be allowed in schools?

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Started: 2/5/2013 Category: Education
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The structure of this debate will be the following:
Round 1 - Acceptance
Round 2 - Arguments
Round 3 - Rebuttals
Round 4 - Rebuttals


I will be stating that phones should be allowed in schools as my opponent did not specify.
Debate Round No. 1


Argument #1: Loss
Having mobile phones in schools would promote theft as the majority of students have valuable phones. This would also mean that losing a mobile phone would be too much of a risk.
Argument #2: False trust
It's inevitable that if students were to bring mobile phones into schools, they wouldn't just be used for good things like research and calling someone in the case of an emergency. Granted, the technology is amazing, but it would be more logical to have some kind of tablet installed in classrooms, as computers are.

Rebuttals are for round 3.


I will guess this round is just for my own argument.
1. The case of research. There are many things that the phone can be used for. They can be used for replacing dictionary's and looking up evidence for a written paper or even (wink wink) a debate case. The advantages are extreme to have such a huge amount of information at your fingertips and to have them not allowed is wasting potential.

2. The case of calling people. You can call your mom and say "hey i missed the bus. Can you come pick me up?" This can be extended to almost any situation where communication is needed.

3. The cost to the school district. The cost of calculators and computers is money that does not have to be spent when pretty much every kid has a phone. Not everyone has a phone so you will still need some but lowering costs is a good thing.

4. Free time. There are some students that are smarter than others. The ability to play on a phone when you finish the assignment will make these people work instead of just messing around because hey are smarter than most.

Conclusion: Phones are good.
Debate Round No. 2


The vast majority of schools will have computers for the case of research.
In most schools, you get to school and hand in a mobile phone if you have one. Then if you need to call someone, you can use the school's phone.
It may be cheaper, but there are downsides you'll have that you won't get with computers.
Couldn't the student do something more productive? Get some homework done, for example? I'm sorry, but we're talking about a school. You go there to learn, not to have fun.



I will attack my opponents arguments and then defend my own.

First off i will ask for evidence. But honestly a phone that is valuable is protected as any other device if not better due to the cost. There is a reason there is more shoplifting than getting incredibly expensive items.

2:False trust
This is up to the teacher. It is up to the teacher to keep people from talking and keeping them off their phones will far under their control as well. The tablets are refuted in my argument 3:cost

I will now move on to my arguments.

1: I have said before the massive cost of computers when we already have 90 % of children having phones. We will still need a few but cutting costs anywhere with no drawbacks is a good thing.

2:The method of calling from one's own phone is far easier and I have never seen a rule like the one you talked about.

3: You admit an upside and say none of the downsides. What are these downsides?

4: This is for students who are way more intelligent than most. I wish i could be one of these students but you know who they are. This would provide motivation to smarter students. It is only for the more intelligent that have finished all their work.
Debate Round No. 3


You'd be surprised. People bring phones to school and then bam it's gone £50 down the drain.
2:False Trust
The teachers can't be with every student all the time

1. Schools already have computers, and I can guarantee you that a phone with an internet connection isn't going to be cheaper than ca computer.
2. Just because you've never heard of it doesn't mean my argument is refuted
3. i) Low battery. ii) Phones have a much greater chance of being lost.
4. You could do the same thing with computers. The difference being that when the teacher has his/her back turned, some scoundrels could be playing on their phone.

Vote for con please.


Cons case
1: This is true with anything. You lose a textbook and boom tons of money down the drain. I asked for evidence and you gave me none.
2: It is not a hard deal to find kids playing on their phones. If they try to hide it by putting it in their lap then the teacher can notice a student randomly smiling looking at their crotch. This is obviously easy to spot and anywhere else is visible.

Pro case
1: (
The talk about internet is dumb because computers need internet as well. I showed that the average cost of a computer FAR outweighs the iphone5. This makes my argument stand.
2: First, This was my argument and secondly you ignore how I stated that it was easier to let the students us their own phones. You did not really attack this.
3: These are downsides but going back to my original argument how does this outweigh the cost. This is even easier when phones are something not payed for by the school at all.
4:The problem with computers is the cost as has been said so many times. This is just to reward greater students.

My opponent just says that laptops can do everything better but the huge cost is the problem with that.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by RandomGamer1523 4 years ago
Most teacher's often confiscate phones, therefore preventing students from getting distracted in class.
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