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Should more time be given to teaching subjects like art and music in schools??

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Started: 3/18/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Do you think that more time should be given to teach subjects such as art and music ????


I think that music and art is a waste of time. I would rather have my kids learn about math or reading which can actually help them in life. Music is just a waste of time. So is art
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Posted by robergemsc2015 3 years ago
I think that more time should be given because these things bring out the fine arts and creativity in a person, and unlocks the part of a person's brain that math and science cannot touch.
Posted by coiamsc2015 3 years ago
Art is a way many individuals express themselves. I believe schools should take that into consideration and provide more classes students can take for art and music. If students are not into art and music, they should not have to take those classes. Students should have a choice and schools should provide classes that can fit students wants.
Posted by ferrimsc2015 3 years ago
I believe art is a great way to express yourself. This class promotes creativity and individuality. It should be taught with the same amount of time as other classes, if the student chooses to take the class.
Posted by lucianimsc2015 3 years ago
If someone wants to take an art class they should be allowed. It may be a waste of time for others but not to some. It should be an elective at all schools so the option is available.
Posted by croix316 3 years ago
I think they should focus more on music and art. I was in band in middle and high school and i had a lot of fun
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