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Should naturalized citizens be allowed to run for president?

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Started: 10/14/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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What is an American citizen? An American citizen is one who has been born in America or on American soil, has one or more American parents, or has gone through the naturalization process. Any citizen is granted the freedoms proposed by both the constitution and the bill of rights. So why can"t naturalized citizens run for president? Naturalized citizens should be allowed to run for president, citizens are citizens, no matter where they were born.

A naturalized citizen is still a citizen, according to the constitution all citizens should have equal rights. Over 12.8 million American citizens are not able to lay claim to all the rights the rest can, why? Because they are naturalized. The natural-born-citizen clause of the Constitution violates one of the main ideas of America; equal rights for all. This clause was originally created to prevent foreign infiltrators, especially English princes, from buying their way into office, but this concern is no longer valid. Moreover the Constitution permits natural born citizens to run for president, loyal or not, trusting the voter"s decisions to keep a disloyal candidate from becoming president; this protection would still work just as well if naturalized citizens could run for president too.
Naturalized citizens go through multiple rigorous tests and other tasks in order to become a citizen of the United States with full rights, only to discover that they don"t get full rights at all. To-Be Citizens have to undergo rigorous tests, take an oath to fairness, a swear of loyalty, and a pledge of allegiance. Anyone to go through that long process must love that country. To go through all that work one has to be willing to do almost anything in order to gain all of the freedoms of America; sadly, under current law, they can"t. Not by any means, for naturalized citizens can"t run for president. With all that work and travel they aren't even to gain what they worked for.
Place of birth does not determine one"s loyalties. If someone born in Greece migrated and became an American naturalized citizen is compared to someone born in Kentucky as an American citizen, is one more loyal than the other? Where someone is born does not decide their decisions and/or their fate. An Austrian born boy may decide he wants to rule America where an American born girl may decided she wants to rule Austria. Place of birth decides nothing, so why is it such a big deal?
But what if a naturalized citizen becomes president and tries to change America"s traditions and beliefs? Or thinks that America is too powerful and gives away the land, money, and overall, the power of America? First of all would change be that bad? Have they gone to a state of mind where outside ideas are unacceptable? Americans on average , admit it or not, are very single minded, an outside opinion may very well cause America to become even more large, rich, and powerful. Second, a president requires the permission of congress, and the supreme court to be able to hinder America. Even if the president was somehow able to give away America"s power, Congress would impeach him/her immediately. These are not legible concerns.
In all, rightful citizens of the United States are not given the freedoms they deserve. Naturalized citizens go through rigorous tests, oaths, swears, and pledges to become citizens, birth does not decide one"s loyalties, and the voting system will keep foreign infiltrators from actually being elected. Naturalized citizens should be legally allowed to run, and be elected, to the presidential office.
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