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Should night clubs close before 11 pm

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Started: 10/7/2016 Category: Society
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People at night clubs are disturbing other citizens at night, making it impossible for them to sleep, so night clubs should be closed before 11 pm.


The only argument you have put forward is that strip clubs are noisy and could disturb people if open late. To that I would argue:

-Noise bylaws are already a thing. If strip clubs are in contravention of them, citizens are entitled to file complaints and they will be investigated and the businesses will be fined if the complaint is legitimate. They don't need to, and shouldn't have to, close down early on this basis because regulations and enforcement mechanisms to address this exact problem already exist.

-Strip clubs are not uniquely guilty of creating noise and being open late hours. What about bars, nightclubs, music venues, etc? Singling out strip clubs on the basis you provided is completely arbitrary.

-Municipal governments already have zoning bylaws and business licensing classifications to try to regulate where and how businesses can operate. When I opened a business, community members were able to appeal my license being issued and we argued about community impact in front of an appeal board assembled by the municipal government. These processes are intended to ensure that a loud strip club would not open up in the middle of a residential, suburban district and keep people up all night. They are already located in areas zoned for such businesses where they would not create a significantly negative impact.

Since you're the one proposing imposed restrictions on how businesses can operate, I would argue that the burden of proof is on you and by refuting your one argument I've won this debate.
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