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Should (non-medical emergency) abortions be banned?

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Started: 9/20/2014 Category: Religion
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Should (non-medical emergency) abortions be banned?


This is a debate over whether (non-medical emergency) abortions should be illegal.

We are not discussing abortions where medical complications such as cancer was a factor in the outcome of the termination of the child.

I will argue Pro for (non-medical emergency) abortions to be banned.

My opponent will argue Con for (Non-medical emergency) abortions not to be banned.

Is abortion murder?

Abortion is the decision to terminate the unborn child and in doing so is denying the child the right to life. When the parents make the decision that this healthy unborn child is no longer allowed to continue living then that is murder. The parents make an active decision that the child does not deserve to live and have prevented that child from proceeding to grow and develop into adulthood.

The law they would be breaking if abortion were not allowed would be Feticide which is also referred to as fatal homicide and in the United States Of America for example this is recognised in legislation under the ‘Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004’. This act recognises and the law defines "child in utero" as "a member of the species Homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb" to which 38 states recognise this definition.

Abortion infringes on the rights of the unborn child

Abortion infringes on the child’s right to life as the child is being forcibly murdered under cruel and unusual punishment. The child is recognised on death certificates, the child is recognised in law, if an act of violence is committed against the unborn foetus that results in harm and the expressed intention of conspiring to do harm then a sentence can be launched and implemented against the aggressor.

The law protects and treats the foetus with the de facto rights of a citizen. The famous Roe vs Wade case would need to be repealed in order for the law to clarified and strengthened to protect the unborn child’s right to life. Once the law is repealed a new law would possibly not need to be brought into effect as the existing laws already recognise the unborn child but an amendment would need to be put forward to give more protection to the unborn child’s rights.

Adoption is an alternative to abortion

If the mother decides that she cannot look after the child for financial reasons or because she believes that she is not ready to bring up a child at this present time or lives in a life in squalor the parent can put their child up for adoption which is the best solution. Adoption provides the best alternative for the parent and the child, the child is able to live in long, descent and happy life and the parent can go on living there life independently if they wish.

There are couple’s out there that don’t or can’t have children and would absolutely love the opportunity to be caring and loving parents to those kids which did not have the chance of being part of a family. The child could lead a fulfilling, independent and happy life and be a positive part of society while later becoming a parent and starting a family of their own instead of being denied the chance to life due to being savagely cut out of the stomach and left on a table to die.

Any new law should be brought in similar to that of Irelands

The future legislation should be suggested to reflect that of Ireland. In Ireland abortion is illegal and is only prohibited as the result of a medical intervention performed to save the life of the mother. Any new law should reflect Ireland’s modern western example of how a model form of dealing with abortion by those in office should be handled and morally protect those that cannot protect themselves.

This is not a religious issue, a conservative issue or a liberal issue. This is a moral issue!

I myself am a liberal libertarian humanist. There seems to be a great political divide on this issue with the only two vocal voices that can seemingly be heard which are the religious right and the feminists on the left. The two sides get all the media spotlight and the silent majority sits down and watches the spectacle.

This is a bi-partisan moral issue that supports the rights of the unborn child that does not have a voice and cannot defend itself against murder. The unborn child deserves support from those that can defend the unborn child’s rights which should be reflected in law. The child has a right to life, the same as you do now.


In conclusion abortion should be banned. Every citizen has the right to life and so should unborn children. Legislation already exists that recognises de facto unborn children’s rights as regular citizens and the fact that they deserve protection so the current Roe vs Wade case needs repealing to clarify the position of the law in respect to rights of the unborn child. There are unborn children that will not have a chance to life.

Adoption is a fantastic alternative to abortion that allows the child to lead a fulfilling, independent happy life and allows the parent to know that they have left their child in the hands of a loving family to couple’s who cannot have children.


Roe vs Wade Case

Unborn Victims Of Violence Act Of 2004

Ireland Law on abortion



Rape is wrong.
Debate Round No. 1


Round 2-Abortion should be banned

Con has forfeited round 1

My opponent has forfeited round 1 as Abortion was the issue of discussion and not rape.

My opponent has said nothing relevant to the debate and has not disputed any of the points raised in my statement in Round 1.

My opponent has not disputed any of my points on whether unborn foetuses have rights as they are recognised my law.

My opponent has not said if he agrees or disagrees with abortion or why he would agree or disagree with those in pro-choice or pro-life camp.

My opponent has not made any points on why adoption would be a fantastic alternative to abortion.

A majority of mothers feel guilty and suicidal after abortion

Many mothers once they have gone through with the ending of the unborn child’s life have had to live with the thought of what could have been. Some mothers have repressed there memories and “Two studies from Finland(1) show that women who had abortions were 6 to 7 times more likely to commit suicide than women who gave birth”.

There is an article link in the references section of a woman who was having problems at home with her partner and divided to proceed with the abortion. The mother felt extremely guilty after the decision was taken and the unborn child miraculously survived the powerful drugs designed to kill the child in the womb but yet the drugs appear to have done no serious damage and now the family are happier than ever the child is not dead but living a healthy life at their home.

The lesson to learn from this very touching story is to think about the decisions you make because you will have to live with them for the rest of your life.

What if the child is born in a poor area?

Most of the world’s population is born in poor areas, is that a reason to commit mass feticide. You are putting an unborn child to death before he has the chance to experience life and the world around them. you don’t kill someone just because of where they are born or what circumstances they are born in. The decision to murder a child due to them being born in a poor neighbourhood is devoid of humanity and is nothing more than morally irreprehensible and unforgivable.

What if the mother doesn’t want to take care of the child?

If the mother doesn’t wish to take care of the child then that is completely her decision once the child is born. The child can be put up for adoption where the child will be adopted by loving guardians and live a fulfilling, independent and happy life. If the mother decides that adoption is the best option then that would give the mother reinsurance that she made the right decision giving their child the opportunity to be out there leading a normal and ordinary life in the world.

I simply cannot express enough how important adoption is for those who believe they would not be able to look after their child once born.

What if the father is a criminal?

You cannot murder on unborn child because of the actions of the father, if the mother doesn’t wish to take care of the child then it is her choice, once the child is born, the child can be put up for adoption. I support legislation that if the father is convicted of a severe crime and could be a risk to the mother or the child then he should have no rights to see that child unless the mother wishes or the child when they come of age.

Killing a young innocent child because of their father’s actions is not the right decision, killing a convict’s unborn child because the father have not left a very good legacy does not mean the child will turn out the same way. The children have done nothing wrong so don’t put them to death for a crime they did not commit. The apple can fall very far from the tree and grow into something better than what came before.


In conclusion, the mother would be happier keeping the child than murdering the child or if she does not wish to keep the child then adoption is the best alternative. Abortion leads to more suicidal tendencies with some mothers unable to live with the decision they made. The child does not deserve to be put to death because of what the parents have done or due to their background or uncontrollable and unfortunate circumstances.


Abortion linked to suicide

Mother happy after child miraculously survives abortion



cipeylsrs forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent's account has closed

My opponent I have been told will not be able to complete the debate and has apparently been trolling many debates giving invalid arguments and has lost 5 out of 6 debates and the account itself was only in existence for a few days.

I am disappointed my opponent has contributed nothing to the debate as I was hoping to discuss the issue of abortion in a thorough way.

In the short time span my opponents account was active he only gave three words to this debate which has nothing to do with the debate at hand.

My opponent has automatically forfeited by default as the account is no longer active and is unable to respond to the debate so I have won the debate against my opponent’s inactive account.

Are abortions medically safe?

Abortion cannot be considered safe with the risks that are attached to abortion such as Haemorrhage (excessive bleeding), damage to the Cervix (the entrance to the womb) and damage to the womb itself.

After an abortion, the main risk is infection in the womb, which is usually caused by failing to completely remove all of the…associated tissue.

Is it right to kill an unborn child due to being the non-preferred gender?

It cannot be right to put a death sentence on an unborn child for the supposed crime of the unborn child being unable to control its gender. Killing a Child due to its gender is not the mark of a civilised society but a rather barbaric one that is unable to accept the child for the gender it was born with.

Overall Conclusion

In conclusion (non-medical emergency) abortions should be banned as it is not fair condemning an unborn child to death when parenthood and adoption are better alternatives. It is monstrously wrong to kill an unborn child because of who their parents are or due to their circumstances, background or gender.

My Opponent has Forfeited all 3 Rounds

My Opponent will be unable to continue this debate and will therefore have forfeited Round 1 for three words he posted which had nothing to do with the debate. My Opponent has also Forfeited Round 2 and Round 3 for not posting anything at all.

Do not vote on your current opinion of abortion but instead of what was contributed in the debate.




cipeylsrs forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
Stupid to you. Honorable to her.I would rather have her as my parent than you anyday, and I would think most people would see it that way.Your kind has no honor at all.Killing innocents is always wrong.
Posted by cipeylsrs 3 years ago
That's just stupid.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
My daughter said if she was raped and got pregnant. She would not kill the baby. If she were to kill anyone she would kill the rapist.
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