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Should nudity be allowed in public?

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Started: 12/1/2015 Category: Philosophy
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In my argument I'd like to say that nudity should be allowed in public.

I believe that this will befit society, because if we make nudity a more normal thing we should be more comfortable with our bodies, futhermore people would have less anxiety about the way they look, and how people will judge them. Because they will already be in the nude. And it will be already normal.


I accept your challenge.

You say that nude being allowed in public would benefit society, this simply is not the case. I see three major flaws in your argument.

1. This would cause the already over sexualized American society more problems regarding sex and sexuality. How would society cope with this,and would they?

2. How is society in general going to adjust to the change with no problems, and will the problems even be worth all of the changes?

3. You point out that people will have less anxiety if everyone is nude, but you would just be making a similar problem.
We wont be any more comfortable with our bodies because not everyone is in favor of it, and its almost never been normal for many civilizations.
Ex: People care a lot about the clothes because it is the norm. But if we become nude, people will start caring about their actual body instead of just their clothes because it's the norm, which in the end will probably cause more problems than it can fix.

Nude should not be allowed in public because it would cause many more problems than it would fix. Anxiety over looks will always stick with humans, even if we become robots, we don't want to be all identical, we have all of our own personalities.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for taking my debate.
For your first question, who cares if we're naked? Is there something wrong with sex? I mean we show cleavage, we show people in yoga pants. Men in "speedos" No shirt, etc.

These are all things that could be considered sexy, but they don't cause issues. As the human race we should be comfortable with sexual things. And seeing things that may make us uncomfortable.

As for your second question..
I think I should of been more clear, I don't think people are just going to change, or at least not that quickly.
It'll take probably years before anything close to this happens.

And your last argument. While people probably would still have anxiety and etc, I do believe that it would be less. People would be more comfortable because they were already naked in the first place, they have nothing to hide.

(P.S this is more of what if situation. Even in a society like this I think we'd still have clothes, especially for winter haha)


You start off by saying, "who cares if we're naked?" In response to my first question. i'm going to assume that you are referring to the time when everybody is nude and that is the norm. You are right, people won't care except some, just like nudists right now, and instead they will be wanting people to change into clothes instead of nude.

Then you say that just because "we" have people who like to dress revealing, such as yoga pants or "speedos" or no shirt, it is alright to be nude. When you say we, i'm guessing you are talking about Americans or Westerners in general. People around the world, especially religious countries don't accept nude, or even partially nude. This alone cause more uproar than it is worth, especially with the religious community. Which is quite large I might add. Here in the United States, people look at videos of revealing women, and it gets really controversial, such as Anaconda by Niki Manaj. She was not even fully nude, she was partially exposed, and then people get all fired up over a bit of sexuality. Sexuality does cause issues? Take a look at mainstream media. When that music video was released, people got so angry and upset. You then say people "should" be comfortable, but that simply isn't the case, otherwise there would be more people fighting for the right to be nude in public.

Second Counter-Argument
You are for having it allowed in public, and you said that it would take many years. That is true, but I asked if will even be worth it in the end. There will be much more conflict, there would be decades or maybe even centuries before this changes. Nudity is not socially accepted and probably wont be in a modernized country, because even businesses that have been up for decades and that have run the economy will have significantly less sales. Then what would the market shift to? Protein? This is something that would have to be decided, and other countries would have a difficult time adjusting to it, just like any capitalist government would.

Last Counter-Argument
You say that we would probably have less anxiety. If anything, people will have more anxiety, because you can't change your anatomy easily. If I want to change what kind of clothes I have, I can either buy it or go home and change. But with nudity, society will judge you with what you are born with. That still exists with clothes, but not nearly as much as it would be with full nudity, which brings me to my final question.

Would all the trouble be worth it?
Debate Round No. 2


PsychedelicBadBoy forfeited this round.


Zederath forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DATXDUDE 2 years ago
This wouldn't be practical.
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